Sinful Sunday

February 16 – Nicely Following Instructions

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.” So a whole slew of them should tell a novel’s worth of a story, right? I’ll be telling a story in the next week or so, one picture at a time.   See the rest of my 2020 February images here. See images from years past here. Check out the rest of the participating bloggers in this year’s February Photofest by kissing the lips below!

February 2 – Naughty in the Kitchen

I started February Photofest this year without a theme, because, frankly, I had forgotten about it until I saw Hy’s post. (Thanks for the reminder, Hy!) So, I was in the middle of doing some nesting at the house, rearranging my bedroom and trying to make it mine, and not just a room that I accidentally threw some furniture in, and yesterday’s photo happened. Then I started bopping around to other’s blogs to see what everyone else was doing for February photos around the blogosphere, and I happened on Brigit Delaney’s first Photofest post, and oh hey – she has a theme! And I thought, hey! That’s super clever. So, I decided to be a copycat and give my FebPhotoFest a theme too. And, well, the theme kind of picked itself, didn’t it? “Naughty. Nice.” Finding the naughty in the nice; mixing the two. Here’s one from my last shoot with TheRead more …

The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 12

At long last we come to the end of this long and winding road. It took awhile to get here, and yes, I know now I’ve posted two in one day, but I wanted to post this one for Sinful Sunday, so here we are. Task 12: Submission   Check out the whole series of the Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas by clicking here. Did you have a favorite? Leave me a note below! Click on the link below to check out all the other Sinful Sunday entries.

The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 5

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Task 5 – The face of orgasm I actually did this in video – holding Black Baldy (my waterproof Hitachi-wanna-be that also happens to be black) in one hand and the phone in the other. And thinking dirty thoughts in my head! What can I say, I’m a multi-tasker. But I can’t upload mp4’s here easily, so ya’ll just get a couple of images – ones that didn’t turn out too blurry. LOL See the rest of the Kinkmas series here. Check out the rest of the Sunday Sinners below.

#SinfulSunday Giggles

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It’s 4AM here in my part of the world, and I’m awake with a migraine, so I decided what the heck, I’ll post on the blog! Actually I decided I was going to organize all my bazillions of photos into folders/onto one cloud platform, but that sucked the life right outta me and intensified the migraine, so instead I thought I’d post an image from the past-past weekend in the Ozarks with Allan. This is often what spending time with him looks like – not necessarily the bath, but the smiles. And here, as an added bonus, is another that illustrates why – we just have fun together.  

Day 13 – More Time Machine

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In order to make this post square with the rules of Sinful Sunday (it’s about the image – one you’ve taken yourself or had taken of you) I broke up Day 13 into two posts. This one is about AFTER the game… Day 13 – A Different Game Prior to going to the bar, V set up a “game” of our own – I had picked out two canes during a previous game, one I “liked” and one I didn’t like. Whatever the score was, he would take the difference between the scores and take that x10. If the Blues won, he’d hit me that many times with the “good” cane. If they lost, he’d use the bad one. That night, as this, the Blues won. To the song “Gloria” (for some reason that was the Blue’s theme song this year) on repeat, he whacked me 30x with a whangeeRead more …

June 2 – #SOSS

I know, it’s Sunday, not Saturday. I’m well aware of this. But the way I figure it, any day that we “share our shit” is the right day to do it. Also, “Share Our Shit SUNDAY” fits the abbreviation, too. So here we are. My #SOSS is actually going to be a call-out to all the fantastic Scavenger Hunts that folks have been doing recently. I’m so happy to see participation taking an upswing again. It is difficult for me to follow-up sometimes, but I’m here, plunking away, trying to keep up! Keep on keeping on, ya’ll! (And click the link about if you’re curious what it’s all about.) First up is this haunting image by Purple’sGem: The Secret Garden. This reminds me of a favorite book of mine, In the Garden of Good and Evil. She says that the editing “fixed” things she didn’t like in the original. IRead more …

#AtoZChallenge – G is for Green (and So is #SinfulSunday)

I’m cheating a little: I missed “F” on Saturday in the #AtoZChallenge, and today is not supposed to be a letter day according to the official calendar, but this week is a theme day for Sinful Sunday, and it just happens that the theme is the letter G, so… long story short, I’m doing my G post for the #AtoZChallenge on Sunday instead of Monday. There’s a perfectly valid reason I missed Saturday – I was with Adam all day and Viper all night; consciously choosing to spend less time with both makes the time I do spend with them very focused – on being present with them, on paying attention to how we spend our time, whether it’s spent curled up napping on the couch with the dog, or playing a game of Pass the Pigs in which points = whacks with the implement of the winner’s choice. (IRead more …

February 24 – Yoga Socks & Bedtime Routines

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More playing with filters. But I’m also working on new bedtime/waking routines. I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping (a large part of it is medication playing havoc with my system) but it’s also my own bad habits. I’m tired of a) being a zombie at work, and b) bitching about how I “want” to get up earlier, do morning and evening stretches, be good to myself. If I “want” to, then I have to actually do it. So here’s the first changes: Step 1: In bed by 10:30 work nights. Step 2: 15 minutes of gentle yoga before bed. Step 3: No electronics (by that I mean the phone, laptop or Kindle, not Baldy!) in bed after 10:30. I can have a real book to read until 11:00. Phone is on charger over on my desk. I haven’t yet worked out a morning routine, but at least having theRead more …

February 3 – Drifted

“I used to be snow white, but I drifted.” ~May West We drove through the snow that day to finish our jaunt at the Effingham Cross. (I imagine I’ll get hate mail for blasphemy-ing it.) (I’m not that worried about it.) He’d always wanted to do a nude there, and me naked in the snow, I wanted to get the Giant Cross Scavenger Hunt location. I couldn’t manage to get all the way naked, (-20 degrees with the the wind chill!) but we got enough to satisfy us both, I think.