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February 17 – Smut Marathon – Round 1: Thoughts

Today feedback and votes for Round 1 of the Smut Marathon were posted. For those of you not familiar with this enormous, year-long undertaking, now in its second year, here’s a link to information and rules. After a lot of thought and a little bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to participate this year, for a number of reasons – but more on those in a minute. So I won’t do this for every round (I don’t think), but as a first time participant, and as someone who didn’t have the time/energy to either follow along or participate last time, I thought I’d record my first impressions. I was incredibly energized and – for lack of a better word – inspired by the voting and comments on the writing. In fact that’s probably a big part of why I’m writing this now: I’m excited about the process and wantRead more …