14 Days of Isolation – Day 1

I’m not in isolation…well, I am, sort of, but not in quarantine. Just doing the “right thing” to try and keep this thing from becoming more of a thing…civil liberties versus the common good, anyone? The Canadian (and my daughter), however are in serious isolation. I walked with her today, as she’s about 10 days out with no outward symptoms, and we kept a good distance apart, but even that I worried about. But still, it was needed. I have been walking daily to keep my sanity and this is her first time outside her house since she got back from Europe, and I think she was desperate for face-to-face interaction and some movement.

It all feels surreal and… well, surreal. Like I said, it hasn’t hit here yet – at least we haven’t seen many confirmed cases – but of course that means nothing. If you don’t test, you can’t know, can you? But restaurants are closed and the streets…they aren’t empty, but we’re not in the best area of town, and it all feels…edgy…to me. Like it could all explode very easily. Maybe that is why I asked Adam to stay with me now. Being isolated in the middle of the city feels like it could be…risky, in ways that I haven’t felt it to be before.

This could all be media hype and fear-mongering and my own out-of-bounds anxiety, though.

Anyway. As a way to do a (LD) relationship in the time of Covid-19 (LD seems to be the best way to do a relationship just now, doesn’t it?) and as a way to keep The Canadian from going completely stir-crazy, he came up with a daily task for me to do. Basically it was this: send me a sexy (or more) pic or a polo (marco polo) of you doing something during this isolation to relieve your stress and anxiety. I don’t know if I will post them all here, but here’s the first…

The stress relief is that ball of yarn by my elbow – I’ve started a new project and work on it while I’m in Zoom meetings with my coworkers. The other part – being bottomless – is just because. Because I know it will make my Canadian Sir happy.


  1. John Parker

    This post really speaks to me. I am a teacher and have a feeling that the school year is over.My anxiety, and I am never anxious, is significantly elevated.

    1. Jade Post author

      That’s what I’ve been hearing from the parents I know. My sister’s son is a senior-she’s really sad that his last year has to be in isolation. Of course that would hav even fine for me! But he’s very social, so this is hard.


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