Jade in the Time of Covid-19

Hey ho! Jade’s still here. Trying to keep all my pieces together, which seems a lot easier some times than others, but I’m hanging in there. It’s a strange new world, for sure.

The pandemic is a thing. It’s affected a lot of the people in my circle. Some of us only in ways that inconvenience us, for others it is causing a great deal of financial uncertainty and anxieties. There’s a lot of fear about how this is all going to turn out.

In my small corner, the daughter concluded her trip to Europe safely and got back into the states with a minimum of fuss. She’s on a 14-day self-quarantine, though, before she can be back in society and before they will let her back to work. (I’ve just heard that she’ll be working from home when she does, though. Thank goodness that she can do so.)

The Canadian had a much hairier exit from Spain, but made it safe at last and is also self-quarantined in Canada. The advent of Canadian/US borders closing is a huge blow to us, we have really been hoping to get to see each other this spring. And of course every other kinky travel event I had scheduled is cancelled as well, as are any local parties (as they should be.)

As of today I am working from home, as is Viper; his daughter’s school is closed and the rest of my city is shutting down bit by bit. Adam’s job is interestingly fairly secure, though he has to go to it, but they seem to be taking social distancing seriously there and have him set up to work a “safe” distance from others. There is hardship among my extended family-of-choice though, and fear, and I am dealing with some heavy anxiety daily. No one I know has contracted the disease. Yet. We here in the midwest-est of the Midwest have yet to feel the full brunt of the pandemic. But it’s coming.

At the moment I am in bed with Adam next to me. I asked him to come stay with me during the crisis. I relish my independence, and alone-time, but when I realized that I would be losing even the minimal personal contact that I have daily with my coworkers when I started to work from home, I knew I wanted and needed him here. I like alone-time that I choose – having it foisted on me isn’t great for my equilibrium. He works 3-4 overnights, so I’ll still have that time to myself, but I won’t be completely isolated 24/7, and neither will he.

This crisis kind of illuminates the ways in which people in poly relationships, or relationships with fluid boundaries, benefit. Adam and I have been lovers, lived together, companions, friends, and playmates for more than 20 years. The way we have interacted has changed, mutated, grown, diminished, expanded and grown again to fulfill our needs as individuals. We’ve never let our commitment to each other dissipate (even when our romantic commitment has waned) and here we are, supporting and loving each other when we both need it. I have so much gratitude for that.

I might have more to say in the near future, but I’ll leave this here for now.

Stay safe, everyone. Try to stay healthy. Stay connected, and even if you have to do it from a distance, keep loving each other.


  1. whiterrabbit

    As of now the Canadian Border closing does not affect Canadian or US citizens. Who knows when/if that will change.


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