February 22 Make-Up – Accidentally Naughty

Today you’re going to get several posts to finish up the 2020 February Photofest. Yes, I missed 3 days outright. I made up one, the 22nd, in my 22nd and 23rd post, but V’s rules about it were that it had to be made up in a separate post, or I still acquired a demerit-accruing consequence, so that means that I have to make up a post for that (today’s), plus post for yesterday’s miss (which will come next) and then I have today’s post after that. Then the Photofest is done, and I can go back to my normally sporadic posting! Ha.

So here is the image that I should have posted. I finally (FINALLY!) opened my last box after the move. This box had been sitting in a corner gathering dust (literally.) It said, “glass and pictures” on the outside, and since I haven’t figured out a way to hang pictures on my 110-year old plaster walls without damaging them yet, I had let it sit, unopened. Honestly, I couldn’t remember what was in it.

Well. The other day I decided damn it, I wanted to be all moved in, so I opened the box. And saw what box I had used. Remember this?

Here’s that box being used again, for what it was intended for. It made me smile all over again, thinking of the naughty fun I had had.


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