February 18 – Nicely Focused

You do get nicely and particularly focused when you can’t see.

He’d had me lay out the toys; greet him at the door properly “attired,” on my knees and with a drink in hand. And then he told me, “Go into the bedroom and blindfold yourself. Wait for me on the bed…”


And yes, I know it’s the 19th…sigh…I missed posting last night because I was out late with the daughter getting my tattoo to commemorate our Grand Canyon trip – it’s the Arizona State Butterfly, a Two-Tailed Swallowtail. He’s on my ankle, just above my lizard, which was my first tattoo, and the one I got after my first backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon, way back when.

I actually saw one while we were there, much to our guide’s envy. It was a bright moment during a particularly trying day, the third day down, when Adam had bottomed out and exhausted himself, and I was having to play nursemaid and was resenting the shit out of him being there, since I had begged him to take his conditioning seriously and he had not. It all ended up all right, he survived without being helicoptered out and I didn’t kill him myself, so I figured the butterfly was an omen. LOL

Anyway…there you have it…I’m no longer in arrears – as long as I get today’s post in too!

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