February 14 – A Naughty Heart

So here it is 11:33 p.m. and I just got home from a lovely Valentine’s Day date – with my daughter, who invited me out because, well, Valentine’s Day is stupid and she didn’t want her Momma to be sad (at the time I had just broken up with V and she knew Adam didn’t do the VD thing) and she was like, “we need to take ourselves out, Momma!” So we did. And it was – seriously – one of the nicest Valentine’s Days ever.

I’ve had other VDays – most notably an “Un-Valentine’s Day” party that we threw at W’s way back when, another VDay when some heart locks figured rather prominently, and yet another VDay that ended up like this:

But still, tonight was super special in ways that have nothing to do with romance or kink or sex, but everything to do with LOVE.

But okay, back to why I am here, at almost-midnight, on my laptop, when I should probably be trying to sleep. Is it because I am the most dedicated February Photofest blogger ever?

Uh, no, probably not that.

Is it because I am the bestest submissive ever, that has made a commitment to her…what do I call him now? My Top, my Dominant, my Owner? Surely not that last, we haven’t returned to that place yet. Though it feels so close… But no, it’s not because of that, either (I’m not that good, I’m still a brat, lol…)

Is it because I don’t want to rack up any more corrections for not getting my February Photofest posts posted on time???

Why, yes, that would be the answer. I’m saving my ass, literally, by getting this posted in time.

Happy V Day, in whatever way you celebrate it – or not!


February Photofest


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