Some February Photofest Favorites

This Wednesday’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday is “valentine.” Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one for a lot of people. I myself have a love/hate relationship with it, and this year was planning to spend it (happily) alone, as Adam will be working (and doesn’t like to go out on Valentine’s Day anyway), I don’t get to spend holidays with V, and my Canadian Sir is far away in Spain, but my daughter surprised me by asking if I’d be her date to see a local jazz musician that night. How sweet is that? But even though I don’t have a Valentine’s Day post as such – I thought I’d give you all some love – some blogging love!

February Photofest is in full swing, but I haven’t been able to comment on people’s blogs as much as I’d like. However, I have been saving links to images that have caught my eye so far for a round-up post (or two.) Here’s a few of my favorites from the first twenty-five or so blogs in the list of participants.

PS – I don’t know why some of the links have come thru with previews and some haven’t but I hope that you’ll click through them all and leave some them all some comment love!

First up…

This image literally made my heart race. That moment of anticipation, of preparing oneself for what’s about to happen… Mmm. Makes me bite my lip.

Making Waves

What can I say, I have a thing for boots…

Day Six – #FebPhotoFest’20

While my pictures are mostly just slice-of-life, some bloggers have real a real flair for the creative. May More is one of those, and this image delights me on so many levels. It is creative and sassy and sexy, all without actually showing much at all.

Fenced In ~ Behind Wooden Bars

I adore this image, her feet in their knee socks, one foot up on the chair, skirt hiked up around her waist. I also really enjoy the glimpse she gives us into her journey into kink and where she’s at now.

[Photography] Magic

Oh, my…that sexy Sassy Cat pout…

What Have You Done?

I’m a sucker for ruins for sure…and what could be better than finding a beautiful naked nymph among them?

Castle Ruin

Both Viper and my Canadian have been instructing me in poses that they find pleasing. This is one that I find particularly enticing…


Considering Cuntella is the name of the blog, the following is a link to an February image on her blog that I like because it hints at a story, if you will only follow…

Follow me

I’m a sucker for fishnet. And purple. And luscious lips and eyes to drown in. And all at this perfect angle.

A Gem – February Photofest Day 6

I absolutely love this style of lingerie…and boy howdy wouldn’t it be fun to see it in real life on these two?


Another link without a preview… it’s such a warm, sensual image:

And one more. A new-to-me blogger. I love the grin on her lips as she admires herself!

I don’t know what it is about this image that makes me smile so…I don’t have a thing for feet, but I just want to tickle hers!

#FebPhotoFest2020 – foot

Oh, those eyes, those lips…

February 9th: Lolita…

Did I mention my love for fishnets? AND plaid! And girls in glasses…

#FishnetFriday: Plaid and Fishnets

This image of Marie is so soft I can almost feel her smooth, creamy skin.

I am because we are

You’ve got to click through to see two beautiful peaches.

Peachy Arse

Molly’s image compliments a searing-hot fantasy. Click through to see and read.

Blindfold Surprise

Rope. And hands. Mmm.

Hands – Day 12

Another you have to click thru to see: “What are you reading?” LOVE this image!

#FebPhotoFest: Day 6

I like the preview image a lot…there is such an air of anticipation in it…but wowzers when you see the rest of the post/next picture!

Feb Photo Fest 2020- Day 5- Gag me

Another blog that’s new to me – and an image that makes me think of a perfect, jade doll:

february photofest 04

And lastly for this post, yet another new-to-me blog, sexy lingerie, sexy pose, and…coffee! Yummm…

Coffee and lingerie

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