February 12 – Naughty Mermaid

Yep, I know I missed yesterday. It was planned-not-planned: I had a surgical procedure scheduled to deal with another one of my skin cancer spots, and knew I would probably not be feeling up to posting anything, but I forgot to schedule one ahead of time, as I had originally intended. I was curled up in bed trying to ignore the pain of having my face carved on when I remembered that I had forgotten it. Posting a sexy image wasn’t real high on my list of priorities at that moment.

Today was spent at home crocheting and recuperating. I’m still not feeling the “naughty” part of my photo theme, what with a big sexy bandage on my forehead and a headache the size of Baltimore, but I can’t sleep yet, so here I am. And it gives me the opportunity to give ya’ll a PSA: WEAR SUNSCREEN. Don’t be like Jade. Keep all your skin cancer-free and firmly attached to your body. Truly. It’s no joke. I’m so sick of being carved on. DON’T BE LIKE JADE.

Okay, enough of that. I really did intend for this to be a lighthearted post. I finally finished a crochet project I have been working on forever, a “mermaid” blanket that I made for my sister, and I wanted to show it off – the “nice” – while still being a bit naughty.

I think it works, doesn’t it? Even with the goofy hat to hide the big-ass bandage on my head. Now don’t say I never did anything for ya, okay?

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