February 2 – Naughty in the Kitchen

I started February Photofest this year without a theme, because, frankly, I had forgotten about it until I saw Hy’s post. (Thanks for the reminder, Hy!) So, I was in the middle of doing some nesting at the house, rearranging my bedroom and trying to make it mine, and not just a room that I accidentally threw some furniture in, and yesterday’s photo happened. Then I started bopping around to other’s blogs to see what everyone else was doing for February photos around the blogosphere, and I happened on Brigit Delaney’s first Photofest post, and oh hey – she has a theme! And I thought, hey! That’s super clever. So, I decided to be a copycat and give my FebPhotoFest a theme too. And, well, the theme kind of picked itself, didn’t it?

“Naughty. Nice.” Finding the naughty in the nice; mixing the two.

Here’s one from my last shoot with The Photographer, with me playing Betty Crocker.

Check out the link-up page for all the others participating below, and also check out the other Sunday Sinners!

February Photofest


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