I have had every intention of adding a link to this week’s Wicked Wednesday to help celebrate its 400th(!) week in existence. Four-zero-zero – that’s not a typo! Congrats to Marie over at rebelsnotes.com for running such a popular, fun, interesting, sexy and oftentimes thought-provoking meme. I have not participated in it (especially recently) as I ought or would like, but then I haven’t been writing here at all as often as I ought/would like. Every week I start out saying, “I’m going to write more…” but then life happens, as it will, and writing doesn’t get done.

It almost happened this week with Wicked Wednesday. Here it is Wednesday afternoon, and I am at work, writing this when I’m supposed to be doing worky things because I have not had a free minute to write other than this. I had several topics in mind when I saw the prompt come through my email: something sexy, maybe about my first video chat with M (the Canadian), with me naked and using a toy to make myself orgasm at his direction? Or something relationshipy, talking about how things are going with he and I or about developments between V and I (yes there are developments.) Or maybe newsy: here’s what I’ve been doing lately, stuff about the house, about my dog, about the life I am leading. I might also talk about the Smut Marathon, which has started up again for its third year, and which I am once again throwing myself into. Or maybe it will be more of an informative post: I’ve been asked to talk about SoloPoly again here, and about how poly & D/s can work together, and recently had an enlightening discussion about M/s and D/s in relation to SoloPoly in particular.

But honestly, right now I am just so tired that I don’t have any tantalizing prose to tease you with erotically; I’m too surprised at myself for having thrown myself into the Smut Marathon again that I don’t yet have any coherent thoughts to share about it; I don’t have the bandwidth to parse all the relationshipy stuff going on; and lastly I certainly don’t have the brain power to write anything smart and informative.

There’s more to say, more to write, but I don’t have the energy now. I just want to post this to celebrate and support Marie and her wonderful meme, so that’s what I shall do.

Oh, and do go and read others’ – better – posts!





  1. Marie Rebelle

    Life sometimes just happen, and we have to live it. Which means I appreciate it even more that you have taken the time to put this here, and link for Wicked Wednesday. Thank you, Jade, and I look forward to read about all those other things.

    Rebel xox

  2. Old Mike

    I know what you mean – “I am at work, writing this when I’m supposed to be doing worky things” sounds familiar – life is a pain like that (although my professional blog hasn’t been updated for months either) but isn’t great how we’ve all managed something this week – 78 last time I looked – not sure where I will find the time to read them though!

  3. E. L. Byrne

    Love the truthfulness here. Life gets so in the way sometimes. I didn’t realize you are solo-poly too! Glad I read this and realized!! Love to hear your thoughts on the poly and D/s thing when you are ready and have time.

    1. Jade Post author

      A fellow SoPo! I love when I find us out in the wild. Thanks for taking the time to comment here, I’ll have to follow you more closely. :-) Hopefully, someday, I;ll find time and energy to write more “thinky” posts…at the moment all I can manage is a few words here and there.

  4. Isabelle Lauren

    Sometimes life just takes over and it’s hard to find the time to write. Amazing that you did anyway to celebrate the 400th edition of Wicked Wednesday. And I admire you for participating in the Smut Marathon!


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