The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 11

Task 11 – Take a photo of your (pain) toys and describe how each feels.

This was a little more challenging of a task than I thought it would be.

  1. I just moved and they were packed all over the place, hard to get together.
  2. A whole shit-ton of my toys were over with V. He returned them, but looking through them was…a little challenging.
  3. And then, when I finally did get them all together (wow what a pile!) looking through them was a little challenging for a different reason: now I want to feel them all on me, one after the other, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.
  4. It’s been so long since I’ve been hit with these that…well, I’ve forgotten the details of how the felt for some of them.
  5. Also, there’s a lot of them!

Here’s the pile.

I decided to break the toys out by type to describe them.

First up, floggers. I’ll describe left to right.


  • The first two are a matched set of suede – I believe elk suede is what W told me – floggers. I love these floggers. Although you can’t see it well, there is black and purple woven throughout the falls. I know, not a reason to love them, but I do for that reason as well as the fact that they are heavy and yet soft.  They feel like a deep, thuddy massage, with the tips adding bite when he florentined them.
  • The next one is heavier, but still not hard leather. A nice step up.
  • The next is harder yet, and can pack a good wallop. Thuddy but with a decent sting to it, especially when the tips wrapped around a hip, or when used on my back rather then my ass.
  • The next two I purchased for W. He liked to do a florentine, and I was told that finger floggers can make that easier. Honestly I haven’t felt them since W passed I don’t think, so I don’t remember what they feel like.
  • Hard, hard leather. Latigo, maybe? And its length means that it wraps easily…ouch.
  • The next is a cat-o-nine tails (sort of – maybe a cat-o-five tails? lol) It’s braided, and can be brutal. Although the ends can be used to brush and sting, it’s mostly just really awful. And hey, I bought it!
  • The last three are nylon. Whippy and stingy and pretty much not fun at all.

Next up: paddles.


I’m not a paddle-lover, to be honest. I like the look of them. The feel of them – mentally. They reek of discipline, or corporal punishment. Of contrition and consequences. But they aren’t subspace-inducing, like rhythmic flogging, and they don’t excite me like whips can. Still, they can be very satisfying, physically and emotionally, when I’ve endured it, when my butt is a flaming red, when it hurts to sit the next day. Again, from left to right:

  • Heavy metal paddle. Although it is mine, I didn’t really experience it much before V. I actually think that is a toy that I have had since my marriage. A friend used to bring it to play parties and kind of make a show with it and gave one to the Ex, who never used it much. W may have used it a time or to, but more as a novelty. V, on the other hand, he used it a lot. And to be honest, I used to have it in my mind that is was a “dangerous” toy, because it’s metal, and so fucking heavy, but V used it like any other implement and though I didn’t *love* it, I was no longer afraid of it. It’s weight is enough to cause an “ooph,” but it also stings  like a mother because of the material and because it is usually cold.
  • A friend made that one for my birthday several years ago. It’s light-weight, but surprisingly effective, and I love the picture of my red butt seen through the plastic. It’s stingy and thwappy, and one of my favorites.
  • The big leather paddle…not as painful as its size would imply. I mean, it can pack a wallop, but it’s more sound than fury, and the leather means it doesn’t go as bone-judderingly deep. Thwappy and leathery. Quite nice, actually.
  • Top: bunny fur on one side, hard leather on the other. Can’t be sure what it’s like anymore, it’s been so long. Bottom: Hard thin wood – can’t recall just now, but maybe like a thick, narrow ruler? I think I bought it in the hopes of getting some stripes.
  • The next one is leather with a hard core, and a bonus whippy bit on the handle side. The whippy bit hurts like a mother! The other side is thuddy, but not too intense. I *think* it’s supposed to make a louder sound than the pain it causes.
  • Next up are a bunch of whacky sticks – rulers, paint sticks, the like. All light wood. Stingy but mostly for fun.
  • The next one, the red one, is kind the same idea, though of two strips of leather glued together. The top is coming unglued and I hope it can be repaired! I love that thing. It’s wide enough to not feel cane-like, but thick enough to deliver some sharp, thuddy pain. And I LOVE the color.
  • Next up, two rectangular paddles, same maker, different woods.The red wood is my favorite, and was actually a birthday present to me from the maker. They are just the perfect paddle, imo.
  • The big wooden paddle was W made, and he laughed about it. He made it mostly for fun, because you can’t really haul off and hit someone fullswing with it without the possibility of hurting them for real. But it’s fun to look at.
  • Next up, spoons. Not precisely paddles, but like enough to be categorized with them. Ad was fond of spoons…it’s been awhile since he’s broken one over my butt, lol. Stingy and punishing if used rapidly and repeatedly.
  • The round paddle. You would think (or I did) that more surface area = diffusion of pain, but not so, at least with this paddle. It is heavy and hard and hurts.
  • The heart paddle…yanno, I do not recall if I’ve ever been hit by it, nor do I recall what I was thinking when I bought it. It’s cute though.
  • And last, the little Corian paddle. You read that right – Corian as in countertop material. Deep deep thud. That is all.

Next in line, canes. I’m a little surprised that there are so few, to be honest. I thought that I had a lot more, inherited from W. I did purchase quite a few for V, so maybe that’s what I am remembering. Anyway…


  • Long, thin, whippy plastic. Or maybe metal? I’m away from the implements so can’t double check. Either way, that’s one mean mother.
  • This looked like it was going to be so much more than it was. Not sure you can hit hard enough with it without breaking it, as such it’s just…meh.
  • The white plastic. Not as thin as the black, its weight makes it deliver a truly painful deep caning experience. Sharp, vicious and yet kind of thuddy initial pain followed by that blooming, lasting pain deeper in.
  • The next is either rattan or bamboo, I can’t recall. Probably my favorite cane. It’s not as brutal as the plastics – the wood gives a lot and is lighter in weight – but you still get that lovely deep caning that drops you for moments inside of itself, where only the stripe of the cane and you exist; but because it’s not as brutal as the plastics or delran canes, I can take more of it and, eventually, if done right, it can push me into subspace. I used to have several different lengths and weights of this style cane – they must have been gifts to V.
  • The next one might be delran, which is either a super hard plastic or a metal. It’s length means a lot of speed when it hits, and that fucker HURTS.
  • The next is – I think – a car antenna. I should have placed it in the “miscellaneous” category, but it’s cane-like enough that I’m okay with it being in this one. It is BRUTAL. Ad brought it home one day, and now, though I beg him to use it occasionally, he mostly won’t, because I complained so much the first time he did. lol
  • The blue one is plastic. Fiberglass? I dunno. Long and with absolutely no give, it’s not much fun, to be honest, because you can’t really use it much. But it’s pretty!

Next is my favorite category: whips!


  • The first one is a quirt that I bought W in Mexico. My daughter and I were there for her graduation gift, and we’d run into a flea market of sorts rambling around town, and while she was off looking at something else, I naturally gravitated to the leather goods, and found this beauty. Hurriedly I made to pay him for it, before the daughter came back around, but she caught me. “Momma! You can’t just pay him for it! You have to haggle! It’s the rule!” So my daughter haggled with the gentleman, both of them quite enjoying themselves, to buy me a whip. As we walked away, she finally looked at what I had bought. “What do you need that for, anyway?” I shrugged innocently. “I, um, have a friend who rides…” But let me tell you…that is a PAINFUL little toy!
  • Next up with the three-tailed singletail (an oxymoron, I know). I LOVE LOVE LOVE this whip. It can be brutal, slashing and cutting, but used with a little finesse and it is such sweet, unexpected, delicious stinging, slapping pain. Yum.
  • The next two are various lengths of singletails. Beautifully crafted by the maker of the previous one, they are truly works of art. I love the shorter one because the wielder can get in very close, body to body, while whipping you. So much yum, being body to body, their breath yours, while that whip is slashing and slicing at you. The longer one can brush against you, little snaps that hint at what it can really do – which is make lines of fire that take your breath away. Either can slice you open – while you beg for more.
  • Dragon tongue or dragon tail, I can’t really recall which it is. Biting, slashing, slicing, fiery pain. Not for the faint of heart – or someone without good aim.
  • The next one is actually made out of the thick, hard plastic in a carwash. It’s scary brutal, and I bought it “just because”…but I don’t think V used it on me much. Kind of like the square metal rod and the blue cane, there’s not much you can do with it without actually causing damage. But it’s such a fun headgame!
  • And last are the pair of dragontail floggers I bought one year. Yes, I put them in the whips section, because they are, essentially, whips. I LOVE these. A softer leather, the way they are wrapped into a tube means that you can hit someone really hard with them and not cause a lot of damage (but make a lot of noise!) but the whippy tips can deliver a stinging, cutting, scream-inducing slash. Another favorite toy.

And lastly, the Miscellaneous, or, “Other Fun Things” category.

Other Fun Things That Go Whap

  • I guess the first one is kind of like a mini-rugbeater. I always liked the visual of getting punished with a rugbeater, so I bought this one, but I am not sure it’s ever been used on me, by Ad, W or V.
  • A short, dense wooden stick, with a flat side and a rounded side. It feels like it looks – hard and sharp, deep.
  • The plastic lollipop. Love it! Less dense than its Corian counterpart (which, I am just realizing, I don’t see) it delivers a satisfying pop of pain, and leaves some fun spots!
  • This is – tho you can’t see well – three short, thick pieces of plastic. Hit with intent, and it’s a real bruiser.
  • Top: a little bat. Not sure I’ve ever been hit with it, though I think W fucked me with it one time. (Maybe should be with the sex toys?) Bottom: I don’t know what to call it (and I think this may have been a purchase by V) – it’s like a teeny, tiny thick as a block paddle. Very effective at making a statement.
  • A leather strap. Huh. I don’e have any straps or belts here. I think that may be the next few purchases I make. I LOVE being belted/strapped.
  • Top: a scrub brush. Scratchy and abrasive. Middle: One of W’s spikey balls. That thing is awful, and dangerous, with spikes that could do real damage – so more of a mindfuck toy. Bottom: It’ s just what it looks like: rubber balls on the end of chains. A mini-mace? It’s quite fun, actually, because there is so little control over the balls lol.
  • The next two are flat whackers, purchased by W at my request at Dark Odyssey, a four-day camping event near DC. I wanted him to learn drumming with the handles, but mostly he just used them like long, flat canes, which was also yummy.
  • I feel like the next one was another V purchase – it’s very like the square metal rod, only wood (so it has a little give – a LITTLE) and with the curve at the top for the shape of the buttocks. Dense and unforgiving.
  • Above it are wooden nipple sticks – you place the nipple between them and slide then ends down to tighten. Beautiful and deliciously painful.
  • Next is a long rubber whip. I probably should have put it with the whips, but it also has those balls at the other end. Either way, it’s a mean one.
  • That’s the thin leather strap I got in Chicago. Ouchie!
  • I guess the next one should be in the cane category, but seriously? It’s its own category. It feels like it looks – like being hit with a big fiberglass bat.
  • Next up is the thumper. I actually have a set of HUGE thumpers, now that I think about it – not sure where they are. Same idea, though this is smaller in diameter. It packs a whollop and can knock you around, without really doing anything to your skin.
  • This is the grown-up version of the 3-strand one (I think) – several short, thick strands of rubber or plastic, and exponentially meaner.
  • And lastly, at top, one of the last clothespin zippers I have. I used to have 4 or 5 strands with over a hundred pins…not sure where those went.

Oops, that wasn’t quite the last. These three probably should have been in the previous category, but I only found these after I’d finished categorizing everything and taking pictures, so they have category of their own.

Extra Other

  • The first one is actually Viper’s, and he quite likes it. It’s square metal. Like the blue cane, it doesn’t present one with a lot of play options, because well, it’s just like hitting someone with a long piece of metal. But he used to enjoy the feel of it in his hand, I think, and there’s something to be said for the mental space an implement inhabits.
  • The jambock. Dense, with a heavy core, but some give, and the feel of leather. LOVE that toy. Leaves some deep, lasting bruises.
  • A birch. Technically a cane, I think the Brits claim. It’s not as awful as it looks, but the tips can draw blood, and the sound and image of it while it’s being used on me is delightful.

And, that, my friends, is a wrap!


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