The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 10

Woo! Check it out, we’re up to ten. This is a task that I have been kind of putting off, because, frankly, I wasn’t sure I could manage it. It’s been…oh, awhile…since I’ve played this way. And in the last couple years, physically it hasn’t always been something I can do for various reasons. But when I can – woohoo! It’s a thing I super like. Anyway. I didn’t actually accomplish it this time, but I got damn close, and I *think* the images fulfill the spirit of the task itself. And, as an appeasement, for both my tardiness and because I wasn’t successful the first time, I have made an offer to The Canadian to attempt it again, tonight, on Marco Polo. (Don’t know Marco Polo? If you are in a long distance relationship or even a not-so-long-distance relationship with someone, you should. Go on, Google it. Then imagine the possibilities. Oh but though I’m sharing yesterday’s attempt with you via the Tasks, the Polo is for his eyes only.) ;-)

The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task Ten

Take a picture of the new, remote-control, vibrating buttplug – before and after insertion.

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