The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 9

Not much of a life update today – though I wrote lots of words over the weekend, and have been busy busy doing all sorts of things! – but I’m running late (as per usual) this morning and I REALLY want to get this post done so I can get these tasks done, because eventually The Canadian is going to take me to “task” for not finishing them!…so here, for your viewing pleasure, is Task 9. The Photographer had a helping hand in this – on the camera and (ahem) maybe checking on the kitchen wench’s “heat” (don’t want her getting overheated!) or possibly even stirring some up… ;-)

Task 9 – Wearing stockings, high heels & an apron, show us your kitchen

I’m going to have to add this to this week’s Wicked Wednesday – the theme is “flaunt.” You know, because I’m flaunting my cooking skills.

Check out the other bloggers flaunting their stuff at the link below!



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