The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 7; a Mea Culpa

Of course I couldn’t get through the entire twelve days of tasks without missing a day. Or two. Ok, so I had a fairly good reason. Yesterday was moving day, and the day before that was spent packing up at the old house and getting ready to move! It momentous New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, for sure.

Still I have to take responsibility (and punishment) for not planning ahead enough to pre-schedule posts on these two days. I knew that I’d be too crazy busy all day and night to get them done, but time and energy just plain got away from me. And I actually did have time last night, after the movers and Adam, the daughter and various friends had gone home, after pizza and beer, and after V had put together my bed, to post the one task that I had finished in advance of the move, but then I couldn’t find the power cord to my Chromebook. After a while I gave up and went to bed. I think that might have been at about 7 p.m. Or earlier. I was beat! But yay, my first night, alone in my new house!

I was worried I might feel uneasy – though I have been alone at the other house many times, this was different. But I wasn’t anxious at all, and that was in large part to V staying after we’d unloaded the truck to put up my bed. I’d said I would be fine sleeping on the mattress on the floor, but he insisted, and I am glad he did. He also stayed for awhile afterwards, and we talked. It was nice, but I was tired and, while I would have loved to cuddle up with him in a previous life, in this life we are not in that kind of relationship. So, when I reached the end of my energy, I asked him to leave so I could be alone, take a bath and snuggle down for sleep.

I didn’t get the bath though – first new-house snafu, hooray! – there was no hot water for the tub. This morning it is fixed, though (thanks Ad!) and also, I have found my power cord. It was packed with another vital piece of equipment.

Oh, and here’s a random picture I took just because it made me happy. High heels!

Though where I am going to fit all my heels in the new space, I have no idea. I’ve gone from a large master bedroom and medium size smaller bedroom, both with plenty of closet, floor and wall space, to a medium-sized master and a fairly small office room, with a lot less storage/closet space. All last year I talked about downsizing, and how happy I’d be in a smaller space…well, it’s time to put up or shut up, eh? (See there? Practicing my Canadian.)

Still, I am in love with my little house. IN LOVE. I can’t describe the contentment and joy I feel here. I know that at times it seemed an impetuous move, but…I knew it was the right thing to do. And though I know there will be plenty of challenges ahead as I navigate home ownership and solo-polyship and the shape of new and old relationships and being a dog-mom again and learning a new neighborhood…while I know there will be times I will be frustrated, or anxious or lonely or unsure about things/myself, I also know I have made the right move.

Okay, enough blah blah blah. Here is…

Task 7

Task 7 – Attach clothespins (at least 30) and post a picture.

I realize there aren’t thirty here. 1. I couldn’t find where I’d packed the clothespins and zippers; and 2. when I saw these in an arts-and-crafts box, I hoped that their small size and pretty colors would make up for the number deficit. Whatcha think?


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