The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 6

Task 6 – Describe what a cooter is and list at least 5 uses for it. Post a pic.

Day 6 and I almost let the day/night get away with me without completing this task! The damn thing is that I could have written this at work – I had literally ZERO things to do and was just marking time until “go home” time. (I hate days like that.) BUT, I didn’t think about this task, because I had so many other things going on. Moving day is Wednesday and I have packing and coordinating to do. I just got done with dog sitting and am finally home again, but my routine is destroyed, all my things are in suitcases or boxes or god knows where, as is the rest of my house. I do very poorly when everything is unorganized and in disarray. I’m trying to keep it together but…it’s a challenge.

And then V came over last night, while Adam was over, ostensibly to help Adam take apart some furniture for the move, but instead we three ate pizza, had drinks and watched a movie on my bed. It was sweet and painful and confusing and I didn’t know what to make of it. We’re broken up, but we still love each other. We’re broken up but we’re still friends. I miss the things we used to do, but I can’t and won’t do them the way we used to. So. Here we are. They are working on things – maybe they are? – and I wish them all the best wishes I can. I want them both to be happy and healthy, regardless of what I am doing, if I am in his life or not. But yes…there is a part of me that hopes that maybe, at the other side of all this…there will be a place for us in each other’s lives.

And then of course there is all the emotion about moving, away from a neighborhood I love, away from my roommate, whom I love, and the strangeness of a new house and learning a new neighborhood and being an actual homeowner for the first time at my age. At MY AGE! I think it all finally set in tonight. Oh, AND I left my anxiety medication at my new place and I just lost a favorite earring. (I know that last is apropos of nothing except that it’s just another one of those things.)

Also on the relationship front (and to bring this all back to the original point of this post) M (The Canadian) is going to Spain for the winter, leaving tomorrow. We are trying to work out what that means for us and how to stay connected and how to foster and grow that connection…but it’s stressful for us both, when we had just begun to learn each other. The Twelve Tasks are actually one of those ways meant to foster that connection…which is why, now, I shall turn to the task at hand.

So. Cooters.

Once upon a time I went to a weekend kink event with one of my favorite people, Toy, and her kink partner. I was brand new with M at that time, and I told him what I was doing, and that Toy and I had planned a scene, in which her “kicking my cooter” was going to play a starring role. I think, being Canadian (smirk) he didn’t know exactly what a cooter was. So I had to explain it to him. And then, later, the next time I saw him, he demonstrated quite effectively that he understood exactly what a cooter was, and what it is for – by having me lay down on the floor, on my belly, naked, while he kicked my legs apart and then proceeded to “kick the cooter.” I think he quite enjoyed this American use for a cooter, and I have a feeling he may practice “cooter kicking” again in future. I am always happy to export our quaint American ways.

So, five things cooters are good for:

  1. Kicking (obviously)
  2. Fingering (which he also did quite well)
  3. Putting dildos inside of (which we didn’t do, but I imagine might happen in future)
  4. Fucking (because fucking)
  5. And whipping (which also happened. I used to say “pussies are for pleasure, not pain!” but I believe I have come to the realization that okay, maybe they can be good for both.)

And here’s the last part of the task, a picture of the cooter, because he said so.



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