The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas – Task 4

Task 4: Box yourself up naked for Boxing Day

I know, I know, I missed the actual Boxing Day, which is, apparently, a holiday celebrated in the U.K. and in certain other countries that used to be part of the British Empire, such as Canada. I didn’t realize it was the day after Christmas until yesterday, when I asked The Photographer if he’d mind taking a photo of me naked, in a box, and then had to look up what “Boxing Day” meant.  Soooo…a little late. But better late than never, eh??

Some other exciting things that happened:

I got the keys to my new house and I moved my first box in!

I am a new home owner! I can’t believe it, to be honest. I had never wanted to be tied down to one place before, to a house, to a mortgage. And, maybe, I’ll regret it if I suddenly feel restless and wanna take off for parts unknown. But…I dunno. This feels right. Putting down roots here, making it my Home Base. I can’t flitter off from here to explore the world, if it comes to that. But this space, this little house, is MINE. Is ME. I can’t wait to get packed up and moved. January 1 is move day! A new year, a new home, in some ways, a new me.



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