The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas, Task 2

I’m sitting here at work trying to decide if I want to write about my “real life” and all the mixed feelings I am having, that seem to be overwhelming me right this minute, or just focus on the fun part (completing Day 2 of my Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas.) I guess accomplishing that, and the moments of levity the task induced, in juxtaposition with the mish-mash of feelings I’ve been experiencing, is my “real life.” But it seems sad to bring down my kinda-sexy, kinda-silly Kinkmas Tasks post with all the emotional backwash of the last day or so, so I’ll stick to the fun, for now. Might be that I’ll follow up with a “feelings” (whoa whoa whoa feelings) post at some later time.

Task 2: Wear clamps on your nipples under a white blouse at work. Take a picture in your office.

So ya’ll know I couldn’t just take one picture. I’ve got to tell a picture story.

Image 1, Step 1: Find appropriate clamps. Of course I wanted my black nipple collars that W made me, or perhaps the silver ones that BB in Chicago made me, but I couldn’t locate either set in all the moving kerfuffle. Also looked for the “dress clamps” that W had made for a previous partner, and that I ended up with when they split up, but couldn’t find those either. So I am left with this set. Heavy, industrial and very difficult to hide, but hey, they’re clamps!

Image 2, Step 2: Find a white blouse to wear to work. I found one in the pile of clothes that need to be put in a box to move, but it wasn’t the *right* one – and by that I mean it is a little too tight and a little too see-through to be acceptable at work (it’s one I wear for my “naughty schoolgirl” outfit, where showing off skin and a sexy black bra is acceptable.) So I had to wear a sweatshirt over it. It made perfect sense to me to hide my “slutty” blouse with…Mickey Mouse.

Image 3, Step 3: Attach said clamps. (Mmmm love how they feel!)

Image 4, Step 4: Hide them under my blouse.

No image, Step 4b: And of course, while I am prepping it all in the bathroom, as soon as I walk out of the stall, planning to scoot my nipple-clamp-wearing titties down the hall to my office, then to take a photo, my HR director waltzes in. And wants to chat at length about my house closing, and Christmas, and god knows what else, because I sure don’t remember! I just wanted to Get. Out. Of. There.

Image 5, Step 5: Proudly sporting my clampy nips at my desk!

And there you have it – Task 2 in The Twelve Tasks of Kinkmas, complete!


  1. Brigit Delaney

    Ha! This made me giggle! I can’t imagine wearing those all day, but then I’m very new with pain and can only handle so much. These pics are great.

    I do look forward to your feelings posts, too, though…just sayin’.


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