#naughtyScavengerHunt – Castle

I awoke this morning with a migraine – “morning” being at 3AM. But instead of laying in bed moaning (and not in a good way) I decided to make the most of my unasked-for morning hours: I downloaded some photos, posted a Sinful Sunday, reminisced about a fun weekend and decided to write another blog post (this one.)

The main reason that we went down to the Lake of the Ozarks the other weekend was to hike up to the castle at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. It’s not an *actual* castle, there were no knights or dukes, kings, queens, serfs or a moat here: it’s a replica built by a rich businessman from Kansas City in the early 1900’s. His family actually used it as a vacation home before it burned down. Thereafter the ruins and the 5,000 wooded acres it stands on, as well as Missouri’s 12th largest spring, was purchased by the state to create Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and it’s been known as the Castle ever since.

My hiking companions.

The next morning, right when the park opened, Allan and I went back to the castle for an altogether different reason. We hoped to avoid the crowds from the day before (the weather was glorious) but even at 8AM there were people there. Not too many, though…

A view of the castle ruins in the early morning light.

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