More Kinktober – Play Parties/Dungeon

I love it when plans come together. I resisted making lots of plans for this weekend’s kink event, knowing that – especially at this particular one, Kinky Kollege – I tend to overplan and then to get overwhelmed, and end up not doing the things I really wanted to do. So this past week or so I’ve just been putting desultory feelers out there, keeping an eye on the event discussions, but not jumping in too much or doing my usual online socializing and setting up play plans. And I’ve ended up with what feels like a good balance. Friday is a bit activity and potential-play heavy, but I can balance that out with a quieter Saturday night, and then round it all out with a Sunday morning demo bottom opportunity to send me on my way, and back to Viper, who I am (in an unusual situation) seeing Sunday night after we get back, since we won’t see each other all weekend.

Friday night I have dinner plans with my girl Ruby and her friend Dana, who I shared a room with last KK; a potential meet ‘n’ greet with a guy that does erotic hypnosis, though we haven’t set a specific place or time (and we all know how well that kind of planning works out); and a fire-cupping-and-more scene with another friend of Ruby’s, which we’ve tentatively scheduled for right at 9pm when the dungeon opens. And then, if I have the energy and our timing aligns, a bondage scene with my good friend BadBeast.

I’m super excited for both potential scenes (not so much for the EH guy because, although we started off with a lot of good back-and-forth fetmail and email, has seemed to cool down and has been real tentative about actually scheduling something. #1 rule of potential play party scenes for me: set a time/place for at least a first meet. Be flexible about it, but don’t leave it up to “say hi if you see me in the dungeon, we’ll chat.” Too many times scenes have not happened simply because it was too hard to connect on the fly once the party starts rolling. But the fire cupping is something I have wanted to do for awhile as a scene, and she sounds like she will make it much more than just the cupping. I’m also considering letting her use fire wands on me – it’s a “face your fear” kind of thing. We’ll see how that goes! And as for my potential scene with BB…he and I have had several wonderfully intimate and connective bondage scenes in the past. He’s someone who has been in my life since the first Tryst W and I ever went to, and his friendship – and our kinky connection – is very dear to me.

I haven’t looked at the classes for Saturday day yet, though Ruby is facilitating a lunchtime round table on the topic of bratting that I want to go to, and I hope that Toy (& her Dom, S, if he is so inclined) will go too. Saturday night is a small group dinner with Toy & S, BadBeast and friends of his, and later a scene with Toy. I’ve got nothing else on that night because I might be a bit wiped out after Toy and I play (and after scening and people-ing so much the night before and on Saturday day.) If that’s the case, leaving my evening open means I won’t have to cancel anything and can just be a slouch the rest of the night. (Note to self: pack cozy jammies.)

And Sunday morning I have volunteered in my only demo-bottoming opportunity, a flesh hook workshop. I’ve volunteered to get pierced and do some pulling with someone else – possibly Toy – to demonstrate how well the skin stretches, since that is usually a big fear of people new to hooks. It really is amazing how much the skin can stretch and tolerate. I also have Naked Yoga on my mental schedule for that morning before the workshop, but we’ll see how chipper I am early on Sunday. And then, it’s home again and over to V’s for him to reclaim me.  My weekend plans are shaping up nicely! I hope your weekend is full of fun – kinky and otherwise – as well!

I used the writing prompt “Play Party/Dungeon” from Kinky and Nerdy’s Kinktober meme, mainly because I wanted to get SOME kind of bingo, even if it’s just Four Corners. (Tho “big/small” might be a challenge.) Check out their page and join in!




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