I got paddled. And more.

(Gratuitous paddled butt image.)

I got paddled last night. I may have also licked semen off that same paddle. A lot of semen…

“However did you end up licking semen off a paddle, Jade?”

I can hear you asking it. And if I’ve got a picture of that cum-covered paddle (I know how you lot think, don’t think I don’t.) But no. How I wish I did. About 5 minutes after I’d licked it all up (making a really scrunched-up face, I’m sure) I was saying, “damn, I should have got a picture!” It was beautiful. Thick, creamy and so so white on the burnished mahogany wood of the paddle (my favorite paddle). He managed to spread it in a squiggly, artistic way (yes, artistic semen – hah!) but it wasn’t there just for looks.

He had been smacking me over and over with it. My hands against the wall, my ass poking out. Soft, building-up smacks and then hard, stinging ones that made me yelp. The roommate had a beau over to watch movies and cuddle with her, and they were just on the second floor below us, and I only have a curtain as a door… We’re openly kinky and poly and nudists and whatnot in the house, but I wasn’t sure how comfortable he would be hearing the smack smack yelp! going on, so I stuffed my fist in my mouth and tried hard not to yell too loudly.

I could feel my butt getting warm and my pussy getting wet, and it wasn’t long before he was pushing me harder against the wall and himself between my legs, smacking and fucking me and fucking and smacking me, but every time I could feel him getting close, he would stop, and pull out…gesture me to my knees in front of him to use my mouth…pull me down on top of him reverse cowgirl style…then down in front of him again, taking his cock in my mouth. I worked on him and felt his excitement grow…it had been a week since we’d seen each other and there was some pent-up tension there…he was so close…

And he pulled himself out of my mouth. Ripped himself out, to be more precise. I am sure my face betrayed my disappointment. He grinned in this tight, triumphant way as he pushed me back on my heels and grabbed for the paddle. And proceeded, watching my face, to jerk himself off onto it.

In a beautifully artistic way.

And then made me lap it up.


I’m not one that loves the taste of semen. I don’t dislike it, generally speaking, but I don’t suck cock for the taste. I suck cock for the pleasure of giving someone else that pleasure. I love it. I love it and it turns me on. So…licking it up wasn’t about, “oh yay yummy!” It was about something completely different.

It was about submission. Dominance. Who he is and who I am. What we are. The primal essence of us both to each other.

We had got to that place in my room via our usual midweek date-night routine. Food, drinks, talk, then upstairs to…we hadn’t specified. But I was feeling a bit fractious, some other things had transpired during the day not having to do with he and I that had me rattled, and before I knew it, he had pulled me to him, and then, told me to kneel in front of him. “I think a kitty needs to be reminded of this space,” he said.

It’s been a long time since I have been in that space with him. Too long. He held my face in his hands, held my gaze, then he told me to undress him.

Everything that came after was lovely and hot and sexy and amazing, but it was that moment that settled me, that reminded me of why we were there, together.

And of the whys of all the times we are together.


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