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The Grand Canyon and Beyond

Sep 27, 2019 | Posted by in Everyday Jade | 6

So helloooo… I’m here in a corner of a coffee shop here in Las Vegas, waiting till we head to the airport to go home, avoiding the heat, and trying to get at least one update from my recent travels done. No sexiness in the next little bit – I’ve been at my un-kinky best, being mom, girlfriend, hiker, backpacker & fellow (non-kinky) traveler. (But never fear, I have at least two kink events coming up in the next month to satisfy my deepest kinky desires, so should have some fun stuff to report soon.) Anyway, on to the past 10 days or so! So. This is likely to be a little schizophrenic, timeline-wise, because there were not many opportunities to write. The one day I did have time, I lounged about next to a creek, resting my tired ole muscles and bones, as well as the solitude. Not surprisingly,Read more …