Perspective: #SinfulSunday #Boobday #LingerieisforEveryone

I’ve been up since 2:30 a.m. for some weird reason (reasons to come in a follow-on post) but I really wanted to participate in the various memes this week because…well because it’s f-ing August 16 and I haven’t even cracked open my blog, much less written anything. So I wrote some things between 2:30 a.m. and now, but I realized all-the-words weren’t really going to work for Sinful Sunday, where’s it’s all about the image, or for Boob Day, where it’s all about the boobs, or for Lingerie is for Everyone, where it’s all about the lingerie! Decided to save all the words for later and post some pics instead. So here they are! I do think they speak to the theme of “perspective.”

Edit: Well shit, I thought Lingerie is for Everyone was a somewhat-perpetually open link-up, and that Hy’s Boobday link-ups now stayed open through Sunday, but apparently not, so I am too late for those memes as per usual. Let me just encourage you to go check them out anyway, regardless of my inability to do anything in a timely manner. LOL

friday is boobday



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