The thing I hate most about migraines is…

There really isn’t one thing. There are lots and lots of things.

  • The pain
  • The lost time
  • The boredom
  • The helplessness
  • The inconsistency – never knowing how/when they will strike

And tonight:

  • Losing out on a great night with two amazing women at a play party, and
  • Losing out on getting to vote for the first time in the Smut Marathon.

I’d put a lot of time and effort and thought into the entries, but knew I was cutting it close by not actually putting my votes in when I knew which three I would choose. I had notes, though, and this time I wanted to post feedback in the form on the post. I had my feedback about halfway typed up, and took a break to hang out with my friends at the kink event we are at, sure that I’d be fine on time this afternoon. Then the migraine hit.

It was lightening fast, it was brutal, and I didn’t have my migraine medicine with me. I can see it in my mind’s eye, at home on my counter, where I had placed it to be refilled from the big bottle. It’s still there – filled or unfilled, I don’t know. It obviously didn’t make it into my bags though, when I got packed. My girlfriend C ran to the drugstore (thank god) but it was already too late. I ended up huddled in the bed in the dark while they got ready to go to the party. By the time I became human (ish) again, it was too late to vote. And far too late for the party, which I couldn’t have managed anyway. I’m just barely tolerating noise and light now. But I’m bored of being in bed with my left eye closed, waiting for my brain to be stabbed out of my eye, my ear and cheekbone and teeth throbbing. So hey! You get a missive from me. Yay, right?

Last night was super fun with them both, though, and spending this morning in the cutest little coffee shop with them, and I have a feeling we’re in for more fun tomorrow at the pool party. And then I have one more night with A, from Minneapolis, which has been a treat. I love that she and C hit it off, and just heard that they had a wonderful rope scene at the party, which fills me with all sorts of good feelings for them both. And lo and behold, I think I’ve found my kinky traveling partner, just as V suggested I do, since he can’t travel with me to events. Unfortunately for him, it’s not the person he had hoped it would be. But this is about me, not him. She and I are already planning Chicago in October!

Last night I got double-topped by them. Two hot women whipping and kicking the shit out of me! What could be better? Well, doing it in front of a crowd that looked like they really didn’t know what to make of the three of us. I think we all enjoyed that aspect.

Okay, headache is back. Bedtimes for me (I hope.)



  1. May More

    My Mum used to get Migraines – sometimes she would have to go to bed for two days – dark room. She was sick with them too. They are not nice – Hoping you are better now x

  2. Arte

    Hi I used to have migraines too and wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. I tried the drugs for them with poor results. I started using an herb called feverfew, you can get it in most health food stores and pharmacies. The first year I went from 2 or more a month to 3 in the year, the next year I had 1 and in the last 20 yrs I’ve had 2 or 3. Everyone I have told about it has had great results. I works. You can goggle it or go here


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