Day 27 – A Musical Night

When it;s good, it’s very, very good.

V came over last night. We went to listen to music at the Garden and have a little picnic; it was a pleasant evening, if a bit cold and wet, since it had stormed earlier. But at least the free concert wasn’t canceled – they have already canceled 3 out of the 4 weekly concerts due to rain so far this summer. One of the reasons V switched our date nights to be alternating Tuesday/Wednesdays was so that we could go to them – it’s a favorite summertime activity of mine – so the cancellations have been doubly disappointing.

Anyway, in spite of the not-ideal conditions, it was nice, feeling like we were on a date. Walking back to the house afterward we got into the never-ending discussion we have regarding schedules, though. When we got to the front door I put my hand up. “No more. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Really I didn’t want to talk at all. He’d been particularly…abstruse…in his topics of conversation, and while usually I don’t mind letting him ramble, there’s times when I just want to have normal, non “mind-blowing” conversation. Tonight I didn’t even want that.

And I got my wish. We went in and he went upstairs, while I emptied the cooler. When I got up there he had laid out several implements of destruction, and proceeded to have me choose songs, which he would then play on my little speaker, while he beat me with each tool. Oh, before that he had me clip his toenails, an act of service that I enjoy: me on the floor with his foot between knees as I care for him. Oftentimes I incorporate foot massage into it, but not this night. This night I picked one song after the other then stood while he thrashed me to music.

I wish Amazon Music would have kept a history of songs played, but in checking tonight I see that it didn’t. Hmm, I’ll try to remember some of them at least… Elton John/Bennie and the Jets, Bon Jovi/Living on a Prayer, Lady Gaga/Bad Romance, No Doubt/Bathtub, some Cake song, Xylo/Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea…there might have been more. The really humorous part of this was me trying to give him enough info to find the song I wanted. I can’t sing or even hum a tune, don’t remember titles or artists’s names, much less whole lines from the song, unless it’s playing. The most I’d have would be some vague idea what it might be about, a sketchy description of who sang it, and maybe one word from the song. He should have incorporated some kind of consequences for how long it took to find each song, lol. (Damn I’d make a good Top! lol)

Sex afterwards, on the floor, me on top, was also pretty spectacular, for us both, I think. And then after that, we watched Atomic Blonde in bed until way too late.The music is fantastic in that movie, too. And there was more sex, wet and soapy, in the shower this morning.

So all in all a good night. I just had to pretend I was on a date with a casual playparner, and not think about “relationship” stuff. You know, if I could just accept this relationship as that, things would be peachy.


  1. Jupiter Grant

    Yes, unfortunately it does take some of the romantic and sexy heat out of things when you spend your time coordinating calendars!! ????I’m glad you ended up having a good time


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