Day 17 – Satisfaction

I’m laying in bed, having woken from an evening nap to write this post. I have a bit of a cat-canary feel of satisfaction going on, of luxuriating in my space in the universe at the moment. So of course I had to take a picture.

I realized when I went to post it that it doesn’t show the lovely bruises that adorn my flesh, and that are a part of my adjusted attitude, so I will have to correct that oversight, but suffice it to say, there are a few, and I can’t help myself but to poke and rub at them throughout the day.

A really fantastic scene the other night is not the only reason for my change in mood – I’ve been very judiciously doing all the things that I know will help; all the practical things as well as self-care and self-compassion things, and they are, indeed, helping me dig myself out of the doldrums I was experiencing. Having done so, I hope to post writings of a bit more substance in these last couple weeks of the June challenge. But meanwhile, I’m letting myself wallow in this unexpected-but-very-welcome surfeit of contentment.


  1. Brigit Delaney

    Yay! Glad your attitude has been adjusted, and glad you are feeling better. I, myself, have blown the June challenge due to busyness and stress. So I’m due for an adjustment myself.

  2. Jupiter Grant

    This is a lovely photo, you do look very contented. Good for you for making sure you’re self-caring, and may you continue to rise back out of your doldrums apace ????????


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