Day 13 – Time Machine

We’re going back in a time machine to the posts that I wrote the other days but didn’t post. Mostly because I don’t want to revise them to reflect the fact that I’m posting it today even though I wrote it the other day. Writer’s prerogative. 

Day 13 – A Hockey Game

I actually DID write yesterday. Quite a lot. But I didn’t get that post (feedback on Round 5 of the Smut Marathon) finished in time to post it. I was at my local corner bar with V for the seventh and last game of the Blues vs Bruins for the Stanley Cup Final, and I was sadly mistaken if I was going to be able to focus enough to write while the game was on. So I’m taking the liberty of pretending I’m in a time machine this morning and pretending that I wrote up our adventure last night.

I’m not a hardcore hockey fan. In fact it could be said I’m not a hockey (or sports) fan at all. Unless we’re winning.

I know, I know, boo!! Fair weather fan! But I don’t mind being called that. It’s not exciting unless we’re winning. Why would I want to waste precious time watching a game that we’re losing? I’ve got too many other things to do. Like write this blog, for instance.

It was a fantastic experience, though, being out among hockey lovers, in my favorite local bar that was full but not insanely so (I’d got there early enough to get a table) with V, who is also not a sporto, but was enjoying being there for the same reasons I was.


First time ever, the Blues won the Stanley Cup. To put this in perspective – the Blues had the league’s worst record, and had never even won a finals game. EVER.


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