Day 11 – Catching Up

I’m sitting here in bed, smelling like lavender soap and the bath. I’ve had a couple rum-and-somethings and I am feeling – finally – relaxed after the stressful conference weekend.

I didn’t want to write. I’ve missed days while at my work conference, no way to write or anything else during, but now I am home. All I wanted was a drink, a book, and my bed. Instead I went out to my (hopefully) flourishing city garden, watered and weeded, because it needed me, and I, it. I needed to destress, and weeding does that for me. Like cleaning and organizing my closets. But outside. With living things. Then I came inside, and really didn’t want to bother with a bath, but knew that, also, would help. And it did.

So here I am, now, smelling good and feeling clean, and having so many things to say…

But also. I’m tired. So damn tired! But damn it – I want to write. But my body is also not cooperating. My back is hinky and I can’t find a comfortable position without going to my desk,but I don’t want to get up. (whine whine I know)

My conference was in Dallas – a city that I never have to go to again. I’m sorry to those of you out there that may live there or love it – I do not. I made myself go out this AM on my last day there and walk, and did find some interesting places. It was too little too late. Dallas is on my “been there done that don’t want to go back” list. I did a take couple interesting images for BoobDay, though. I didn’t get the chance to post them this past Friday/weekend, but I will the upcoming one. I took them specifically for the meme, after all. So maybe Dallas wasn’t a complete loss.

I also have an upcoming post re: Round 5 of the Smut Marathon. I enjoyed this last round quite a bit, and am pleased to be in second place overall after it. The next however-many rounds will be tough though, so we’ll see how that pans out. I’m still enjoying the challenge though, and that’s what counts.

I actually have some sexy stuff to write about, and will hopefully have more as this weekend approaches, but I’m too tired to write about it now. Looks like this is it for me. But at least I wrote! EVERY DAMN DAY. Almost.

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