Day 8 – Connections

Today’s prompt for Insta’s #DearJune is connection. I love the prompt. There are so many ways I can go with this. But…not in my Insta (this is the ongoing, internal, debate I have: make a Pieces-of-Jade Insta? But what about my daughter and other vanilla people who now follow me?) Forging those connections, and then keeping them separate, is fucking hard. It’s why I mostly stopped doing it with friends and sister. I fucking HATE having to cover up. And I SUCK at it.

I’ve been pretty open on my FB. I’m pretty sure most of anyone who friends me knows I am poly. But this other thing…kink…  No. I have a lot of friends that accept me as poly, and even bisexual, but I just can’t be out there as kinky. It’s NOT that I am ashamed of what I do. It’s that I don’t feel comfortable sharing my sex life with others. I don’t feel I should.That part of my life is private.

But when a lot of topics that I might explore – for instance this topic of connections – lead me down a path toward my kink relationships, things I can discuss here…I can’t share it there. At least under my vanilla account.

It’s a conundrum. But I’m writing goddamnit! (Almost) Every. Damn.Day.



  1. Jupiter Grant

    Yes, it’s hard having to maintain multiple personas. I agree with you, though, when it comes to one’s sex life there is, certainly for me, a clear demarcation of what I’m willing to share with Facebook friends, work colleagues and family.
    Your post is really thoughtful.

    1. Jade Post author

      Thank you. Writing here is part of the process for me, of understanding the why of what I do. And when I hear others confirming similar feelings…it helps to know I’m not the only one feeling this way.


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