Day 3 – Instagram & #dearjune

I’ve joined in with the #dearjune Instagram meme that MollysDailyKiss found and mentioned in her own blog and Instagram account. It involves a daily word prompt (Day 1 was “Beginnings,” yesterday’s was “Yellow,” today is “Music.”) I like the idea of using images to participate (along with some words here and there) and want to use the meme as a way to get myself comfortable with Instagram. The daughter really wants me to be on there more, as that is where she tends to hang out.

I was also going to try to use that prompt here for my Every Damn Day in June posts, but ran up against the issue of my Insta being under my full legal name. It’s followed by “regular” folk that don’t know me as a sex blogger, so obviously I can’t use this content there (if it’s sex or kink related) and I can’t link to my Insta here without giving everyone my full legal name. Lots of people DO know me in real life, but I also have a lot of strangers that read my blog, and I’d just as soon not give a direct link. If people take the time to dig it out, ok whatever, but I’m not going to make it *that* easy.

So, for the moment, I’m having to create two different posts, and cutting & pasting between the two as desired, though I don’t know how often I will feel motivated to do so. Yesterday, as a matter of fact, I took some really pretty pics of yellow flowers, but I was just too busy to bother with uploading them into WordPress for my post, so I left “Yellow” out of the post entirely. It kind of made me sad. Those yellow flowers made me happy.

I am feeling a little low today, as a matter of fact. Maybe it is a little bit of drop from play Saturday night? If it is, I’m fine with that – it was well worth it. But here, I’ll post a yellow flower. Yellow flowers cheer everyone up.

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