June 2 – #SOSS

I know, it’s Sunday, not Saturday. I’m well aware of this. But the way I figure it, any day that we “share our shit” is the right day to do it. Also, “Share Our Shit SUNDAY” fits the abbreviation, too. So here we are. My #SOSS is actually going to be a call-out to all the fantastic Scavenger Hunts that folks have been doing recently. I’m so happy to see participation taking an upswing again. It is difficult for me to follow-up sometimes, but I’m here, plunking away, trying to keep up! Keep on keeping on, ya’ll! (And click the link about if you’re curious what it’s all about.)

First up is this haunting image by Purple’sGem: The Secret Garden. This reminds me of a favorite book of mine, In the Garden of Good and Evil. She says that the editing “fixed” things she didn’t like in the original. I can’t imagine what would have needed to be fixed, but whatever they did, it’s done right. A stunner. It’s also their entry for this week’s Sinful Sunday, the prompt for which was “Soft Focus.” I didn’t post an image for it, but there are some really masterfully done images over there. Go take a look!

A relative newcomer to the Scavenger Hunt, I’ve just realized No Pants Endurance may have several more of them than I have recorded in the Locations and Participants pages. This one, Blue Hill Windmill Thrill, is a striking example. So beautiful with the sun behind the windmill!

Another for Purple’s Gem is this Historical Place, an old anti-aircraft dome used by the RAF in WWII in their post “Dome.” It’s always fascinated me to find odd bits of history out in the wild. I often think about what it might be like to run across these, hundreds of years in the future, when civilization has moved on even farther…

Then there’s this triumphant (because it’s such a fab location) to the Scavenger Hunt by Molly: TV/Movie Set (outdoors). Welcome back, Molly!

Other bloggy notes:

Submissions for E_lust are open, here. The best sex writing on the ‘net! Be a part!

And voting for Round 5 of the Smut Marathon is happening right now, for one week, as well! Read some good smut, vote for your favorites!



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