#AtoZChallenge – Q is for Questions

So this post started on…oh…Thursday? But here it is Saturday and since it IS Saturday, and since I am definitely giving the shout-out to some pretty amazing bloggers that happen to host some kick-ass memes, I’ll include this as a “Share Our Shit Saturday” post. We will not be silenced.

Q is for Questions

Questions, I have so many questions!

I really do. About everything. Well, maybe not about “everything.” Mostly about people. What makes them (me) work, why we do the things we do, who we are and how we got here. Our motivations, our hopes and dreams and sorrows and joys. Things like that.

This blog is mostly that kind of questioning. Introspection. Musing on the human condition thru my own experiences. Though sometimes I recognize it for the self-centered endeavor that it is. Me, my life, my thoughts…

Except that I’ve seen the domino effect that me sharing my words here can have. I’ve heard from and chatted with and interacted with so many people through this self-centered space I have created. Maybe because, at the core, so much of “me” translates to “you” or “us.” We see ourselves in the writings of others. I know I do. I am surprised sometimes when I do. I think, “I’m the only one that has experienced this!” But of course that isn’t true. It’s the human condition – the human connection – and I have found that connection so often through these pages that we, as writers, as bloggers, as humans, create.

Anyway, that’s the long-winded explanation for how I came to use “Questions” as my Q word.

No wait, that doesn’t make sense. Well, unless you’ve seen the way I do housework. Then maybe it makes sense.

This is an example of how I do things:

  1. I decide I am going to do laundry today.
  2. I go into the bathroom where my dirty clothes basket is. Lift it, a sock rolls down under the lingerie chest next to it. I look under the chest to retrieve the sock…
  3. And see that, damn, I need to mop the bathroom floor. Apparently it’s been awhile?
  4. I go downstairs, carrying the laundry basket to the first floor with me, to get the Swiffer and broom. Putting the laundry basket by the basement stairs I get into the pantry to get the Swiffer floor cleaning things.  I see how unorganized the pantry is…
  5. And put the mop and broom at the bottom of the stairs to my room while I organize the pantry. Via doing the dishes because they are there in the sink when I go to get a drink of water, and then watering the plants, because me being thirsty reminds me that they probably are too, and going ahead and mopping the kitchen floor because…well, I have the mop out and dishes done, why not?
  6. Eventually, I head back upstairs to mop the bathroom. And realize, once I get up there, that my real goal was to start the laundry, which is now sitting in the basket at the head of the basement stairs, not getting done.
  7. I put the mop aside and go downstairs to start the laundry.

And that’s an expurgated version. Obviously I need help. Sort of. I mean, everything gets done. Eventually. So that’s a win, right?

Anyway, that – starting in one place and ending up somewhere else entirely – is how I found Brigit Writes’ “30 Days of D/s,” which is her journalling of Kayla Lords’ and John Brownstones’ 30 Days of D/s email program, which is (you guessed it) a series of questions designed to spark inquiry, introspection, possibly journalling and hopefully communication about dominance and submission and what it means to you (and possibly your partner(s) if you them.) I’ve subscribed to the emails myself, because it seems a pretty good exercise for me to do as I ponder and evaluate what it is that V and I are doing in our D/s relationship, and how we do it, and what I – and he – wants from it. I don’t think it will be a daily exercise for me, as it takes me a lot longer to think things through and compose a response, but you’ll see the questions and my responses here eventually, I imagine.

Additionally, in case you aren’t aware, there are at least a couple other memes that involve questions. One is Food for Thought Friday, hosted by Kilted Wookie. It’s a weekly series of questions about a specific topic (this week’s is “Getting Things Going.”) Another is Brigit’s Erotic Journal Challenge, which is one question every…week or couple of weeks?…about your sexuality (I recently did a “catch-up” week, where you can get an idea of the kinds of questions posed.) And another (newer to me) meme is Ask Me About… that is hosted at the SafeworD/s Club site. Again, it poses one question about D/s in particular to respond to every couple of weeks or so. This week it’s about Rules. Huh, will you look at that, an “R” word…) All of these have link-ups where you can post links to your blog and follow-up on other’s responses, making each of them valuable resources as you explore your own ideas about love, sex, relationships, BDSM…  Go on, take a gender by clicking the links below. You won’t sorry, promise.

And now…I think I’ve got some questions to answer…







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