#AtoZChallenge – P is for Paper Tape

I’ll make this post short and sweet. I’d very much have preferred to use a word like pussy, or maybe penetrate or even penis or passion to write about, but all I got right now is: paper tape.

Why, you might ask, would I be grateful for something so mundane? So…functional, so pedestrian? Let me tell you. Two years ago I had bunionectomies on both feet. The surgeries were very successful. I recovered quickly and to the point of being able to do all of the things I had had to stop doing because of pain before the surgeries. But about six months ago I noticed a bony protrusion where my big toe had been broken and reset during the surgery. When I started conditioning for our Grand Canyon trip, I noticed that the protrusion was painful, making hiking more than a couple miles a misery. I was worried something had gone wrong with my feet again. Fast forward to the day before yesterday, when I had the screws removed from both surgery sites. Apparently the protrusion(s) (it was happening on my left foot too) wasn’t anything drastic or necessarily scary – they were just backing out on their own.

OK, so, quick surgery, 4-6 weeks healing time for the screw holes to fill back in and bones to strengthen, and I’d be good as almost-new. However, even after I stated, numerous times, during the intake info that I am allergic to steri-strips, that they cause a red, bubbling, itchy rash, they STILL USED THEM on my wounds. Yesterday, the wounds – covered up with gauze – started itching. “They are just healing,” I thought. “This is normal.” Because of course they hadn’t used steri-strips after I’d said not to, right??? 

Wrong. A couple of hours ago I noticed the familiar oozing red bubbles all around the edges of the gauze pads, and the itching and burning was becoming unbearable. I texted my doctor – I still didn’t believe that they would have used them on me and was actually worrying that something worse was wrong – but lo and behold, when she told me to remove the gauze and tape, what did I find – steri-strips.

Now I’m on Benedryl and have replaced the the strips with gauze and paper tape. Thank god I had the stuff in my medicine closet (from the LAST time a surgeon had used them on me.) My feet still itch like crazy, and I know (from experience) that it will take days to calm down, but at least there was a (fairly un-alarming) reason for and a solution to the problem.

But why oh why does the medical profession ignore it when a patient says, “I know this is true, this is what happens, don’t do this”??

Check out last year’s #AtoZChallenge P word, “P is for Pain.”PS – I made the executive decision not to post pictures of my poor feet. I find the jagged line of the tear she made in my flesh oddly fascinating (and the red, bubbly skin validation that I KNOW MY OWN FUCKING BODY, tyvm) but…well, eww for all of you out there. ;-)


  1. Mrs Fever

    I get *SO* frustrated when medical professionals ask the same.fucking.questions over and over again, and then DON’T ACTUALLY LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SAY.

    I feel you on this, so hard.

    I hope your unnecessary foot pain is no longer a thing and that the rest of your healing is comfortable and speedy.


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