#AtoZChallenge – K, L & M is for…

I’m sort of glad that I fell down on my alphabet-blogging responsibilities Friday (K) and Saturday (L). I did have K and L words already picked out, but life happened (Friday, Viper; Saturday, back pain), so writing didn’t. Then today, I was pondering M, knowing that I wanted to write something maybe a little salacious for Masturbation Monday, which I haven’t written for in awhile. Hmm, I mused, what could I possibly use with the letter M for a sexy Masturbation Monday post?

Um, hello Jade? Masturbation Monday perhaps?? Sometimes it takes me awhile… lol

So anyway, there I was, thinking, great! I have my M post! Now, should I go back and write individual K & L posts? Or skip them all together? Or, wait, I could combine them all… K, L & M! And while I turned that over in my head (my original words for K & L had been Kink or Kiss and Lust or Lascivious), I realized I wanted some cohesiveness to the grouping. So, how about calling out a K meme and an L meme? Because one can’t have too many sexy memes at one’s fingertips, can one?

K is for #KinkoftheWeek

Kink of the Week, in spite of its name, is a bimonthly meme with one kink-or-sex focused topic every two weeks. Recent topics have ranged from “Eyes/Eye Contact” to “Sleep Fucking” to “Mutual Masturbation,” “Collars” and “Panties/Knickers.” It’s a fun way to explore kinks/interests you may never have considered, to maybe write some fiction involving a new – or beloved – kink, or just to write about a topic you know and love. Someone on Twitter remarked that they hadn’t realized that Kink&Poly, my original blog, was the first home of the Kink of the Week – it was my brainchild, way back when. But when W passed, I knew I could not keep it up, and Molly graciously stepped up to take it over. With her talent, determination and network, she has grown it far more than I had ever hoped, and I am eternally grateful to her for having done so. (Thanks with all my heart, Moll!)

I don’t participate in it near as much as should – but of course I say that with all the memes out there. I wish I had a million more hours to devote to writing and following up on them all.

Click the badge below to take you to the meme, or click here if you’d like to see ones that I have written here on PoJ. You can also see the ones I wrote from on Kink&Poly here.

L is for #LingerieIsForEveryone

This is a fairly new meme, hosted by the talented and (if I may be so bold as to say so) super sexy Violet Fawkes on her blog, Love, Violet. What I love about this meme (much as I do Hyacinth’s #BoobDay) is that it is so wonderfully body and gender positive. It is meant to b e inclusive of all the ways lingerie (in its broadest definition) makes us feel…sexy. Powerful. Intimate. Desirable. Share your love of lingerie here, proudly, with no shame or fear of condemnation. We are all beautiful, and this is a wonderfully loving place to exalt in ourselves – and our lingerie.

Click below to see all of the entries for #LingerieIsForEveryone, you can also click here for mine.

Lingerie is for everyone


M is for #MasturbationMonday

I’m not gonna lie. Mondays can be a BITCH for a 9-5 working girl. I mean seriously, who decided that this whole “working for a living” thing was a thing? Well, there’s an antidote to that. There happens to be a sexy, heat-inducing, fantasy-exploring, reason-for-sneaking-away-from-work-for-just-a-few-minutes meme out there: Kayla Lords’ Masturbation Monday. As I mentioned in the intro to this post, I have not participated often enough. But (blushing a little) I have indulged in reading quite a bit! It’s a lovely little pick-me-up in the middle of the day, or at the end of the evening when my mind turns to…well, ways to take my mind OFF it having been a Monday. Click below to be taken to the meme’s home page, and then read on…


Masturbation Monday



It occurs to me that to legitimately (to my mind) include this post in both the Kink of the Week and Masturbation Monday round-ups, that there should be something a) about this week’s topic for #KOTW (mirrors) and 2) something suitably sexy for #MasturbationMonday.

So here it is. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did making it!

The Mirror

It’s morning; our evening of dinner and talk and play and sex has ended. Our accessories for the day ahead (bookbags, purse, lunchbags, keys, coats, cell phones) are all gathered in the front hall. As is the toy bag he’d brought for use last night.

We embrace, kiss goodbye. As we pull apart, he takes my wrist: wait.

I wait, curious.

He takes up his cane bag and pushes me toward the dining room, there to lean me over the back of a chair. There is a large mirror hanging on the wall. “Bend over,” he says. “Pull down your tights.”

I do. “Now watch,” he says.

I don’t want to watch myself in the mirror. Mirrors are not my thing – I am much too self-conscious for that. And yet. His command. And I do. I watch myself. And him. I see my flank, my hip, my ass and thighs, so white, so bold, so taunting! And I see the almost-too-fast-for-eyesight flash of the cane.

I gasp, choke, drop my head and curl against the chair. The pain is white-hot, searing.

He grasps me by the hair. Pulls my head up, faces me to the mirror. “Watch!” he commands again, and I cannot disobey.

Once more, twice, half a dozen strikes of the cane. I watch them all, as the mirror blurs, as white and red blur into one, as his voice and his command fill my head.

When he is done, my gaze drops, my head droops to my crossed arms, my breath – harsh in the silence of the room – is all I can hear.

Then his hand. Running down my flank, to my ass, cradling and perhaps assessing its warmth.

I whimper. Spread my legs while trying not to seem to be doing so (such a slut, wanting his fingers to push inside me!). His fingers graze the soft, tremulous flesh between my thighs. Brush in a butterfly’s kiss across lips quivering with a desire that is so deep and primal it is hard to even name. Lust, yes. But. So much more.

There…he touches the wetness there. I moan. Twist beneath his hand. A whine and a growl at once in my throat. Take me! Push you fingers into me! Fuck me…please…oh please.

“Get dressed,” he says. “You’ll be late for work.”


  1. Kayla Lords

    So lovely to see you here and to be included. And even though you don’t link-up as often (though I love it when you do!!), I’m glad MM can provide fodder in other ways. ;)


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