#AtoZChallenge – J is for Jet & Horse Jump (a Throwback Thursday!)

I got off work later than expected; the sky was cloudy and grey. When I got home, Allan, my photographer friend, texted me: I’ll come by and grab you, if we’re quick, we might still make it. “It” was trying to get a Scavenger Hunt that I have wanted to get for – literally – years: airplane. Or, in the vernacular of the A to Z Challenge: J is for Jet.

And we did make it.

J is for Jet

It’s a real Navy jet, one of those jets they fly in air shows, doing tricks in the air. Of course it’s a bit grounded now. I was pretty proud of us. Just behind where I am standing, on the other side of the jet, is a woman napping. And just behind us the other way, barely visible through the shrubbery, is a security guard. But we must have looked harmless enough… <snerk>

Since this is also a Throw Back Thursday, I thought I’d pull out one of the few “J’s” I’ve got in my stockpile of Scavenger Hunts.

J is for Jump

At a local park there is a cross country horse jumping course. One crisp fall day, just before Warren and my first trip to New York, we took a walk there. I had no idea there was a jumping course, we were just enjoying the sunshine and fall leaves.

We were both surprised when we came out into the fields and saw the jumps. Then even more so when riders came galloping up – and over!

Of course, as horse crazy as I am, it was like a dream. But as soon as they had passed, I was on a mission. I had to get a Scavenger Hunt at one of the jumps!

This picture, of them all, caught me off guard. To see his shadow there…such a familiar shape. I almost cropped it, then couldn’t bring myself to.

We pretty much walked the course, looking for a bit of privacy. Apparently every other human, horse and dog was out at the park that day.

But finally…


It might be hard to see, but these are what I was wearing under my tank top, by the way, for that walk:

He liked to be sure I was properly attired.




  1. Mrs Fever

    His shadow…

    I can see how that would hit you hard.

    It feels metaphorical somehow, from an outsider’s/reader’s perspective. Because his shadow – or the shadowy reminders of what you had together – is still very much present, I think. And in the foreground.

  2. Random Musings

    After seeing the last photo I was sure I had missed something. So being nosey, I went for another look – believe it or not, I didn’t notice that the other pictures were of a “private” nature the first time around haha


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