#AtoZChallenge – E is for Exposed

I play with exposure a lot in the Scavenger Hunt. I’m not actually sure why I do it – I’m not an exhibitionist in that way, nor a risk-taker. No public sex, and while I enjoy play in public, I prefer it to be play that only my partner and I know about. And I’m not a nudist, in general. So what is it about the Scavenger Hunt?

I guess, first of all, it’s kind of competitive. I’m not saying it’s a competition – it’s not! But I feel a degree of competitiveness when I see someone got a new or unusual place. I want to find one just like it and make it happen. So there’s that.

Also, it gives me – us – whomever I am hunting with – a goal. A destination, a treasure to hunt for. For me it really is a Scavenger Hunt! It’s taken all of us to so many new and unusual places, and into some situations that have given us a lot of fun.

And there’s this: after W died, it became one way that Adam and I could interact with each other and find joy together, doing something that we had done so often with W. It was a thing I could still do when I was so shattered and shuttered by his death. The one thing I could think about coming back to this blog for. The one reason I decided to keep the blog. Of course that’s now morphed into me writing for myself again – but it was the Scavenger Hunt that kept me from walking away from it all.

I don’t actually have an “E” Scavenger Hunt. Or rather, I do, but since I’ve already gotten “Rocks, Big Ones,” I can’t claim them again for this flash at Elephant Rocks State Park. (Edited to add: Actually, since I no longer have access to the posts in K&P, I guess I do get to count these.) But it was a cool place, and a wonderful trip – the last we had with my beloved pup Cooper. It makes me happy to see these pictures and to remember that trip. And so thankful that I had the Scavenger Hunt – before and after – to help me find some sunshine.




  1. missy

    This is a lovely post and I am really pleased that the scavenger hunt has been such a important thing for you. It is a great project ????


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