February 24 – Yoga Socks & Bedtime Routines

More playing with filters. But I’m also working on new bedtime/waking routines. I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping (a large part of it is medication playing havoc with my system) but it’s also my own bad habits. I’m tired of a) being a zombie at work, and b) bitching about how I “want” to get up earlier, do morning and evening stretches, be good to myself. If I “want” to, then I have to actually do it. So here’s the first changes:

Step 1: In bed by 10:30 work nights.

Step 2: 15 minutes of gentle yoga before bed.

Step 3: No electronics (by that I mean the phone, laptop or Kindle, not Baldy!) in bed after 10:30. I can have a real book to read until 11:00. Phone is on charger over on my desk.

I haven’t yet worked out a morning routine, but at least having the alarm go off across the room will get me out of bed to turn it off. Whether that means I’ll stay out of bed…

(And I just glanced at the time – I’m skating in on time!)

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    1. Jade Post author

      It’s super hard to do! And even harder is getting up earlier. I hate running out the door 5 minutes late! But it’s really a hard habit to break.

    1. Jade Post author

      And I was just lamenting/castigating myself for all the flexibility I have lost. Perhaps I need to be a little gentler on myself, lol.


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