#SOSS – The Mid-February, February Photofest Edition

I haven’t done a lot of #SOSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) posts, to my own disappointment in myself. There’s no such thing as “too busy” to promote other writers’ hard work, excellent writing and beautiful photography – except when there just isn’t time. I really wanted to change that this month though. So this month, as I have been able, I have been saving images that have particularly struck me from the February Photofest posts. Ultimately, I’d like to mention at least one from every one of the almost-forty (40!) participants. In the interests in getting this posted this weekend though (I wanted to get it done Saturday, but couldn’t manage it) I’ll have to post only my first half. Forty is a lot of people putting out some gorgeous, titillating, tantalizing, sensual and sexy images every day. Really, you need to go see yourself if you haven’t already. Here are some of my favorites, but you can find all the participants here.

February Photofest Faves (a partial list)

(I really can count – the numbers correspond to what number they are in the link-up.)

15. Floss Does Life – Weak Knees I think it is the intimacy in this photo that draws me in. Well, that and fishnets. Did I mention I adore fishnets? (see #6)

14. Clear Eyed Girl – #FebPhotofest2019 – Day 7 Umf. I want to be at this party.

13. Mx Nillin – A Look of My Own One of the things I really appreciate about the different memes I follow and participate in is the many new blogs I discover. It’s not just about sexy writing or getting my wank on either (though okay, that’s pretty effing nice too), it’s about seeing life from a different perspective. But what I come to find, no matter how different we all are, is oftentimes how similar we are too. This post, though written from a wholly different point of view, really spoke to me about how wonderful it is to feel good in our own skin.

11. Midnight at the Oasis – Florals I love the play of light and shadows on her skin.

10. Sassycat – Research I *adore* the sexy secretary look. And Sassycat scores big doing research!

9. Krystal Minx – Fix It Friday I have to admit, I have a thing for a woman with a tool in her hand… And also, for images that show a slice of life. I love all the artsy images too, but I love pics that show us real people doing real things. Especially when they are as sexy as Krystal. :-D

7. Violet Fawkes – In the Beginning Sometimes a picture appeals just because they grab me by the…nipples? I LOVE these vises. They way they look and the way they feel – W had a set that he used on me on occasion. Industrial, punitive if used that way, but also, such a wonderful steady pressure that you can gradually increase. I miss W’s!

6. May More – Fishnets Fishnets. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say more. What a lovely, round bottom and long, somehow coy, legs in those fishnets. Really, a gorgeous shot.

8. Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind – Sneak Peek Something about that almost, teasing, half-smile. And the flannel. Yep, she can wear a flannel like no ones business.

25. Annie Savoy – You Were Given a Life I confess: this image is adorable (like I want to snuggle right up to her on that couch kind of adorable), but it’s the quote she chose and the words she wrote that really snagged me on this one.

30. Pens and Needles – Striped Pussy A totally new blogger to me and mrow she has some gorgeous images. But this one? It made me shiver. With delight, with “ouch!”, with, wow, beautiful.

39. A Leap of Faith – Happy TMI Tuesday I love absolutely everything about this image. It pushes so many of my buttons. Gorgeous, restrictive, outdoor bondage in a pose that makes my fingers stutter a bit on the keyboard. A happy place, indeed.

29. Unmentionable By Name -Five One of the most important aspects of the Photofest and how it has grown and evolved is the body positivity it promotes. This post is another example of that. The morning light is beautiful on her skin.

1. Kilted Wookie – White Shirt Ahhh a man in a white button down dress shirt – and nothing else. Mmmm…

2. Little Switch Bitch – Day 12 – FebPhotoFest  I am a devotee of garters and stockings, and this color on her is amazing. The pose doesn’t hurt either…

3. Masters Pleasing Bitch -Watching There is something sweet and poignant and loving about this image. It makes me wish I had a big picture window too, to wait and watch for Viper when he comes over.

4. Focused and Filthy – Flick I caught my breath and winced just a bit when I saw this – just as I would have if I’d been there. Because I’ve been there!

5. Miss Scarlet – Naked by Gates Another win for the body positivity our little community has helped create. I love her stance -fierce and proud, as she should be.

16. The Other Livvy -Grid This one just makes me happy. Too, I love how she is able to find the exact right quote for every image.


  1. Julie

    What a fabulous idea, I really need to catch up with more of the wonderful Feb Photofest images. Thanks for choosing that one of mine, we so love to use windows in our photos.

  2. Indie

    Thanks for the mention Jade, much appreciated. And don’t beat up on yourself because you haven’t been covering everything – I find blogging – while fabulous is incredibly time and energy consuming.
    Love this photo by the way – another great example of ‘slice of life” (sexy shoes)

  3. Mx Nillin

    Thank you so much for including me! I completely agree that these memes are amazing for discovering new content and voices, I’ve definitely been really appreciating that this month as well. Really grateful I discovered your blog too! I’ve been enjoying going through your archives the last few weeks.


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