February 14 – Cold Day by the Lake

I have discovered Pixl!

This was at the end of our adventure day. I was bundled up next to him in the car, drowsy, satisfied with our day’s ramble. Happy to be sharing this time with him, sharing a mutual interest.

A lake by the highway attracted our attention. “I want to take pictures of you by the lake,” he said. We had to double-back to get to it. And there were more cars there than either of us had expected.

It was cold. But I couldn’t resist his grin. It was such a beautiful day. Clear, bright, the sunlight like shards of glass, reflecting, prismatic. The sound of geese in the air. The breeze so very cold on exposed skin, on the rings below. It was a good ending to the day.



  1. Mrs Fever

    I really like the way you’ve framed your smaller images in the negative space of your larger one. It’s like a photo booth vignette and a collage and a Sept-tych all at once. :)

    The red is a perfect ‘pop’ color, and your expressions & poses are just plain FUN. I think this is my favorite photo of yours so far this month.

    1. Jade Post author

      Aww thanks! I can’t take credit for the editing…this app I just got is so much fun! Almost as much fun as taking the pictures. :-D


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