February 12 – Red Jammies or Lingerie?

The thing I love about modern notions of lingerie (especially in light of kink) is that it doesn’t have to conform to anybody else’s notion of what lingerie is, except for your own.

At least I don’t think it does. I suppose, if someone decides that Dickie coveralls are lingerie then maybe that would be too wide a definition? Nah…by the dictionary, it qualifies too:

[lahn-zhuh-rey, lan-zhuh-ree, -juh-; French lanzhuh-ree]

underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel.
Archaic . linen goods in general.

having the qualities of lingerie; lacy or frilly.

So, yeah, those Dickies coveralls could work.

I admit I usually think of the more common definition – that of lacy, frilly, underthings – when I want to feel sexy. But not always.

The red shorty jammies and thigh-high sport socks I wore on Saturday night (to dinner!) were not exactly what one would call lacy or frilly. And, perhaps I didn’t feel exactly “sexy” in them the same way I felt in this outfit. But I felt sassy, and a wee bit naughty out to dinner that night in them, and I revelled in V’s approval: he likes socks, and I think he liked this outfit quite a bit. And hey – technically it IS sleepwear!

So. Lingerie it is.

Moral of the story: YOU get to decide what makes you feel good, whether it’s leather or lace or red jammies and sport socks.




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