February 9 – Back from Ohio

Sunday Night, Home Again

What a week I’ve had. I got very ill with a stomach bug the Tuesday before we left for Ohio, then came down with a vicious head cold Wednesday morning, the day before I was to go over to V’s before we headed out of town. It was to be our first weekend away, alone at a kink event, in almost 3 years. But instead of the pre-event debauchery I had imagined, I spent Thursday night drugged on Nyquil with a box of tissues curled up in the bed we share at his house, by turns whimpering because I felt so bad and apologizing because I felt so bad. I was medicated to the gills all the way up to Ohio in the car on Friday, although by that time the worst had passed, and 8 hours after we started out I was feeling more myself (at least there was no more sneezing and snot running out of my nose, hooray.) Then, as soon as I started to feel human enough to be at a kink event, I got a migraine Saturday morning that lasted until we got home on Sunday. Over the weekend I fought it back with lots of medication, and spent some of our precious alone-time in darkness and quiet when I absolutely had to, but anytime it let up enough for me to be up and about at the event or around town with V, I was there. I didn’t want to waste one minute of our time together! That might be why the migraine lasted two and a half days – I never really let it run its course in drugged, silent darkness. But it was worth it.

Friday Night. The Play Space & a Bag Full of Belts.

We checked into the hotel, I got a steaming hot bath and something to eat, and felt good enough to take a peek around the event venue, though in our everyday clothes because I didn’t have the energy to get dolled up.

We took a tiny toy bag, “just in case.” I had – being the super-helpful submissive that I am – brought along several belts from my closet. “I’m taking them to Goodwill,” I said. “I thought you might want a crack at them before I send them away.”

He did. It was a very short scene – he bent me over a spanking bench and gave me a quick, thorough, thrashing with both my belts and his own, making me count the strikes: ten with each of the four I’d brought. Then ten more (?) with his own. (I may have mentioned before how dead sexy it is to see/hear him pull his belt out of his jeans, the hiss of the leather slipping through the beltloops, the snap of it in his hand as he approaches me. Umf.) Then he wrapped them all up into one big belt and whacked me some more. (That may be where I got this bruise.) Then it was back to the hotel, some hotel sex (which has its own special deliciousness, just because it’s in a hotel, doesn’t it?) and then to sleep curled up together.

Saturday. A Migraine, Sex Toys, Two Collars and Play.

As mentioned, I woke with my migraine tell, and immediately took medication for it, hoping I had caught it in time. While we waited for the meds to kick in, we discussed the class schedule: there wasn’t anything we were interested in until 3 p.m. (erotic hypnosis.) So I suggested going to a sex toy shop. It just seemed the thing to do when you’re out of town with your kinky-ass boyfriend. V seemed dubious – there were vendors at the event – but I’d seen their wares the night before, and I was after at least one thing specific: a cock ring. I’d meant to bring the one we have but had forgotten to pack it. So off we went, finally finding a pretty large store. We had a good hour of fun there, wandering the aisles, window-shopping, showing each other things that interested us. I did, indeed, find a cock ring that I bought, and also a mini-wand. I love Baldy, but he’s just too large and unwieldy for, say, in between our bodies. Or when I am on my knees. And last but not least, I bought another glass dildo, because it was purple and shaped differently than the ones I have. You can’t have too much glass, in my opinion.

Meanwhile though, while we shopped, my migraine was making itself felt: drugs had not tamed it. Or perhaps they would have if I had stayed in bed in the dark while they worked. I did not, and I paid for it on the way back to the hotel with our booty.

Once there, I took more medicine and gave in, laying down with a pillow over my eye until the icepick-in-my-eyeball had subsided. And then all I wanted was to try the toys. I had something in mind, and I wasn’t going to let one of the very very very few daytime sexytimes we had get away from us without having that sexytime. Afterward, I collapsed again, grateful for darkness and silence while we both napped.

Viper woke with a start at 2:40. Did I still want to go to the class? Hell yeah, it’s the only class I wanted to go to. I’ve been dying to get into erotic hypnosis for awhile, and though he said he has taken several classes, and I even bought him a book, he’s never done it with me. Maybe if we went to the class together he would see that he enjoyed playing at it with me. Unfortunately my migraine returned full-roar in the middle of class, so though I stuck it out, and even though he did a minor induction on me, a lot of the pleasure of learning something new was blocked by pain. I do hope he’ll decide to take it up again in our future play.

We went to another class after that that wasn’t terribly interesting (perhaps my pounding head prevented me from enjoying that, too), though by the time we got out of it drugs were helping again and I asked if we could go through the vendors. I had asked him before we left if we could look for a sleeping collar for me to wear when I wasn’t with him or Adam, and he had agreed, and I’d seen something I thought might work the night before. He thought so too, and we ordered it (you’ll have to wait to see it till I get it in the mail.) ;-) But then after that, quite by accident (or serendipity) we found another perfect collar, for play. It has Celtic knot hearts on it…I can’t tell you how perfect those are for me. I had even once had one drawn up for a tattoo, but had never gotten it done for whatever reason. Hearts, in general, just suit everything about our D/s and our relationship. (We are nauseatingly schmoopy.) This collar epitomizes the love and affection we have for each other, and that infuses the way we play, with love and reverence and joy, even when he is disciplining me. I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I hope to get a picture of it for the Photofest.

BUT – we didn’t actually get the collar right then. I asked if we could have them hold it while we went to dinner – they said yes, but that they closed at 8, so they would be in the dungeon later and we could find them to get it then. I wanted to hold off until after dinner because I wanted to check in with V. The collars had been my idea, and I wanted to make sure that their purchase – or at least the collar for play – was something he truly wanted. That it wasn’t just an impulse buy (though it kind of was, in that we hadn’t gone there planning to buy it.) But it was so perfect, I didn’t want to miss out on it. And then we almost did.

It happened because we couldn’t find the vendors in the dungeon/play space. There were lots of rooms, and it was pretty dark, and I have such bad facial recognition that honestly? I could have walked right past her and not recognized her. So we gave up on that, and instead found a spot – a long-whip “alley” – and he put me facing him first, tied in the classic damsel in distress pose. The fact that that isn’t his usual M/O – me facing him – and the way my hands were tied, was really hot. And scary! And hot. Did I mention hot? At one point he put his hand between my legs and I believe there was a bit of a river down there. I wanted him to dive in! LOL But he just teased me a bit and then turned me around and got my backside too, crescendo-ing with an intense paddling that left me breathless.

All in all, a stellar night. Except for that collar thing. I was super sad about that.

Sunday, and Serendipity

Then, on our way out, I messaged a friend of mine that was at the event, that I had seen at the vendor’s space. I told him what had happened, and asked if he had their contact info. Maybe we could do the transaction thru the mail. Five minutes later he called me – he had contacted them and found out they were still at the event, packing out! V turned right around and went back, and now I have this beautiful play collar (we haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet – but I’ll get a pic of it on me when we do!


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