February 8 – I Woke Up Like This. #braless

I’ve been working out downstairs, in my employer’s workout room, since the weather has turned so cold – I don’t like getting in and out of the cold to go from work to car to gym to car to home. Today, while getting changed into my workout gear, I realized I had forgotten to put a bra on that day.

Yeah, I’ve got small-boob privilege. Hey, there’s gotta be some advantage to it, right?

Seriously, though, while looking through internet memes and images about going braless, I was amazed at how many articles there were in various magazines pointing out and discussing this-or-that celebrity’s braless state. Apparently it’s big news, when a person decides to wear only one (or two) items of clothing over their breasts. It’s not even skin they’re being all shocked over, it’s just the shape of nipples – the fact that women actually have nipples, I guess – that gets everyone all scandalized. How silly. I did get a grin out of leaving the house braless without even thinking about it though!


friday is boobday


  1. Mrs Fever

    I, too, have small breasts, and for a number of years went braless everywhere (unless vigorous exercise was involved). I know my nipples showed through clothes sometimes but I didn’t care; I was comfortable.

    In the past year, however, with weight loss and bodily/hormonal changes, I’ve taken to wearing bras again — soft, comfy ones — because suddenly I’m NOT comfortable (literally ~ I’m sore, sensitive, achy) in just my skin; I need cushion.

    And one thing I’ve learned?

    I hate bra shopping!

    1. Jade Post author

      God I so agree about bra shopping. When I find one that a) fits and b) is comfortable, I actually go online and purchase several of them as back-ups.

  2. Marie Rebelle

    I love to go braless, but somehow, despite being small, I feel comfortable wearing bras too. But then I prefer the ones without wires, because those are just a thing of the past. I will never wear them again.

    Nice image!

    Rebel xox

    1. Jade Post author

      I absolutely NEVER wear underwire bras anymore. I actually don’t mind the soft wireless ones I have – in fact I wear them when I want to feel sexy.:-)


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