The Hidden Power of Lingerie

I wish I’d gotten the full – undressed – version of this outfit, instead of just this snap at a restaurant we went to after the play party – because the whole ensemble was chosen specifically to showcase the lingerie beneath. Instead, all I have is this little glimpse…

I love lingerie, and was so excited when I saw it is the topic of a new weekly meme. I can’t imagine that I will write – or take pictures – for it every week; like wearing lingerie, writing for (or primping for) the prompt will probably be more of a deliberate treat, something I think about, plan for, and look forward to.

Like this past Saturday.

This was the full outfit.

I’d picked it out especially to show off the black bra (and the black lace panties you can’t see.) It was a play party I was dressing up for, and I figured it would all be on display when we played, since the party doesn’t allow full nudity.

I like this party for that exact reason – I get to wear something sexy that *stays on* long enough to be seen, and for me to feel sexy in. At home or at the other monthly party we go to, V has me strip practically before we’ve set up to play. Don’t get me wrong, CMNF can be super hot as part of a scene, but I like the…drama…of a sexy outfit, too. Of lingerie that clings to my body, following its curves, playing peek-a-boo with my skin. I like lingerie that enhances, and lingerie that hides; that is sweet or raunchy, teasing or exposing. I like to be devoured by his eyes – or the crowd’s – as I stand in front of him in my sheer lacy almost-nothings, or have it peeled off me, piece-by-piece, during a scene.

Or roughly shoved aside when he takes me down and shoves his cock into my body.

I learned early on that outfits aren’t really his thing, though, so if I wear something sexy underneath, it’s mostly for me. Because it makes me feel sexy, raunchy or risque, no matter my current state of body-discomfort.

Saturday night was such a night. I’ve been unhappy with my body lately, for a myriad of reasons, and I wanted to feel sexy when we were out. So I dressed very mindfully, with that black lace bra as the centerpiece.

In the end it didn’t matter though – V’s comment when he saw me was, “Wow, you’re really red,” (not the “hubba-hubba” I was looking for, lol), and we didn’t play at the party, due to cold temperatures and a not-really-there headspace on my part. But still, late that night after we’d fallen asleep on the couch in front of the fire, and woken up to head up to bed, I took a moment to check out my bra and panty set in the mirror, and to let myself feel sexy, provocative and desirable in my black lace, even if no one else saw it.

That, for me, is the hidden power of lingerie.


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