Panties in the Cold, or a Codiwomple with Allan

I’ve done a “panties” (or knickers for all you Brits) post for Sinful Sunday before, here in Kink & Poly. It was a number of years ago, and a completely different situation from any that I have been in since. It was a tease about a scene I had done in which W had offered my services as a paid submissive. I don’t know if I ever followed up on it and told the whole story. Regardless, the image was kind of sexy.

I also did a “panties” Kink of the Week post way back when. It is a pretty good post, if I do say so myself, and also has a cute “drunk girl” pic in it, that I’d forgotten about. Check it out here (so I don’t have to repeat words.)


I’m a fan of panties. Not really a fan of going commando, unless ordered to – but I LIKE to be ordered to. I like to wear sexy panties for myself, out to dinner, to an event, etc., but I like more to be told to wear them. It is a particular fantasy of mine to have my top/owner/what-have-you tell me when to wear panties, and when not to. Not one way all the time, you see, but mixing it up as his mood dictates.

Alas, that is not the top/owner/what-have-you relationship I have, so I wear what I want, when I want. Sometimes I don’t even wear sexy ones, just to see if he’ll notice (nope.) So, I mostly wear sexy underthings for myself, when I wear them.

I wonder if our sexual predilections are imprinted on us by our early experiences. My first RL BDSM experience was one in which panties – or being pantiless-on-command – played a big part. (Read about it in the link above.) That thrill has stuck with me through years of BDSM play and partners, in spite of not having found a partner that it really matters to.

In any case, while I was out yesterday with my friend Allan, searching out abandoned places and Scavenger Hunt locations, I deliberately wore these mustard colored lace cheekies. This style is my current favorite – they just do a bottom good, right?

Oh, this is also a Scavenger Hunt for me: Abandoned Furniture!



  1. missy

    Yes they definitely do you good and I liked everything about these images. I love being able to see a glimpse of your face too and the contrasts here are great ????

  2. Molly

    I LOVE everything you are wearing in this picture and I need to invest in some new undies as all mine either don’t fit well or are a bit past it



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