The Mechanics of Sex

When I read the title of the prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, I thought maybe it meant “technologically enhanced” sex. Like…I don’t know, with toys maybe, or VR if you’re really adventurous, or maybe fiction about sex with an android (or AS an android…a sex bot maybe? Hmm, liking that idea…) Anyway, seeing as one of my partners is definitely a technophile, I figured I could come up with something that would appeal to him and satisfy the prompt.

Turns out I was wrong: the prompt is, “What technical aspect of sex do you find challenging?”

Oh, well hell, there’s a lot of ways I could go here.

  1. How certain positions that everyone seems to love don’t work for me, such as 69;
  2. How the changes in my body, in its flexibility, has caused me challenges; or
  3. How certain kinds of sex (like sex in rope) that my partner digs, is challenging for me.

I’m sure if I thought hard enough about it I could come up with other things.

I mean seriously…we write about the hot stuff; we masturbate to it, we hope others masturbate to it. But the reality is, sometimes…it’s awkward.

But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

We all have expectations that we bring to the…err…bed. We have these images in our mind of what sex is supposed to be. Every movement, every position, is supposed to be natural and sexy and fun.

But really, it’s not always. Sometimes its awkward, sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes it’s not the fun it’s supposed to be, sometimes it’s work to get it right. Sex in rope can be one of those times. Since I’ve already broached the subject in my post In Rope Again, I’ll extraoplate here.

I fucking love it when I am tied and fucked. Love love LOVE it. It puts my head and my pussy in all kinds of happy subby fuck-me states. But the reality is, lots of times – most times – it’s physically challenging. And it takes some effort, on my part, to transcend the challenge and just let myself enjoy what’s happening.

In suspensions or partial suspensions, it’s usually the angle. I don’t know if you can visualize the mechanics of it – the technical aspects – but being on one leg, sort of tilted upwards, and having nothing to brace oneself against, or to even be able to hold yourself still while your partner strives to shove his cock into you…

Yeah. It can be a little challenging, and take you out of the headspace such a position is meant to engender.

I am…lucky, I guess?…in that I get off on making myself…hell, I don’t know. As pleasing, as fuckable (?), as possible, even in such a situation. I work to open myself to him, to pull him into me, to be an object he can thrust against. A hole that he can push into, thrust balls deep into, without him having to work at it. It’s all very…top of mind, while I am doing it. It is not me falling into lust, it is me trying to contort myself in whatever way will make it work for him. It’s not about me at that moment.

It’s about pleasing him.

And so, because of that particular mindset, when it finally works – even if the position isn’t orgasm-inducing for me physically, it works for me. Because as soon as I realize we’ve figured it out, as soon as I feel him really begin to thrust into me in a way that’s all about his pleasure, well, then, I am wet and dripping and panting and it’s working and I am no longer thinking of the mechanics.




  1. Modesty Ablaze

    It’s always about the angle! LOL !!!
    But I’m sure you are right about the “physically challenging” aspect of some of your rope pics . . . BUT they always look so, so sexy !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Aurora Glory

    I’ve never experienced this personally, but can imagine the challenges it brings. I used to feel very similarly about getting pleasure from giving my partner pleasure, so could definitely relate to that.
    Aurora x

  3. Molly

    I have always thought being tied up and open and fucked like that wold be so hot but never thought about how a lack of resistance might actually be a problem.



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