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6 PM – Tuesday

V’s coming over tonight, though later than normal, so I have time to do the things I “should” do: laundry, fold clothes, vacuum…you know the drill. But I am on deadline, because this week I have both written the prompt and will be doing the round-up for Wicked Wednesday; I have also to write one myself.

I have been able to read a few as they have been posted, and written notes about what I like about each, but I haven’t got to all that have been posted up to this point, and I know that there may be several more by end of Wednesday when the prompt closes for the week: I need to catch up so I am not overwhelmed tomorrow.

And also (!) – I need to write my own!

I have been noodling, pondering, thinking, brainstorming all week. When I suggested the prompt, way back in the fall, I clearly had my own “Before & After” in mind. My blog’s tagline even says it, “There is always an after.” And so there is. But, when I thought about writing to this prompt this week I realized, what could I say to the topic that I do not already say, everyday, right here in these pages? This is my “after,” and perhaps I even said it best when I wrote my New Year’s post and said that the best I can do is to live my life everyday in a way that will make W proud of me: to make my “after” the very best it could possibly be.

So I have been at something of a loss as to my own writing.

But tonight, that was neither here nor there. I had reading to do, and a little extra time in my schedule to do so, while I waited for Viper to arrive. And where is it better to read than in the bath?? (Also, I admit, I had left the house that morning late, and had not showered or shaved. I didn’t want to present myself to him a stinky furry mess!) So, hop into the bath I did. And that’s where I found my own “before & after.”


I settled in for reading with no expectations of what kinds of stories I might read. Fiction, non-fiction? Sexy, autobiographical, smutty, silly, sad? The range of writings that one encounters in a typical WW is so very, well, varied. It is one reason I love the meme so much, and wish that I could manage to participate more often.

And I was not disappointed. I won’t give any of them away (you just need to go read them yourself), and you don’t get to find out my top 3 till Thursday, but I will say that reading a couple of them put me in a particular frame of mind before my date with V. I should say it focussed my mind in a different direction that it had been pointing (long walk, dinner, maybe some tv later.) Instead of greeting him in jeans and cold-weather clothes, I am sitting here in a black nightie, after having gotten quite “warmed up” in the bath. And while I don’t usually steer our play any certain way, I intend to ask him if reading a story or two to him, while, perhaps, engaging in (anything sexy he’d like to do to me) could be part of our night.

And the after? Well of course it will be when I finish this post to report how our “after” went!


I did, in fact, end up asking V if I could read to him (after explaining about Wicked Wednesday, and my reading/writing commitment, and that lovely bath. He was intrigued, and let me flirt with, tease, and play with him a little as we cuddled on the couch and got ourselves reacquainted. I know he’s been over here recently, but it felt like a long time since he had been, and as we talked about our plans for the night, it felt like…I don’t know, dating. I’m really not sure why. I think he was amused by my high spirits and playfulness, especially when I tried bargaining my way out of part of a “punishment” I was due for later. I think we both knew that this was more “funishment” than punishment, but aspects of it are quite uncomfortable, and I was willing to try to bargain my way out of at least those parts.

“I’m jonesing to subject you to another episode of Rick and Morty,” he said. “Yep, I think we’ll watch an episode while we eat.”

This should be my punishment for real. I loathe the show, but since he loves it, and doesn’t have anyone else to watch it with (or that will agree to be subjected to it) I have agreed to watch one, occasionally, and with the agreement that he will vet the episode first to avoid certain topics and situations in the show that I find particularly objectionable. Still, I groaned. Could he not see that what I was jonesing for would be a whole lot more fun for both of us?

“Tell you what,” I said. “I’ll watch two episodes, if you will let me go without the buttplug and clover clamps during my punishment.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “Two episodes, and you can go without the clamps.”

“Two episodes and I get to pick the plug!” I exclaimed excitedly (I have never had a Dom that enjoyed these kind of negotiating games, lol.)

“And keep the clamps then?”

“No wait! Wait – two episodes, no clamps but I’ll keep the plug, but I get to choose it.” He laughed and the deal was done.

So what about reading to him? I had envisioned him fucking me from behind as I read the story to him. I knew it would excite him as much as it did me. (At least I thought it would. Suddenly I wonder if it’s only a kink of mine. Have I ever heard him talk about that particular scenario?) Maybe this would happen after my punishment. Me with the plug still in, already panting and begging for an orgasm, him making me read to him while he fucks me from behind, pounding the plug harder into me with every thrust, telling me I can’t come, telling me I have to finish the story before I will be allowed to come, unless, of course, he comes first.

Well. That part about fucking me with the plug in definitely happened. (Me, after choosing a small plug, realizing I had a hankering to be filled, to be stretched out: “May I choose a larger one?” Him laughing and laughing at that.) But the reading happened earlier, with me on my knees, legs spread open while he used the wand on me, teasing me till I was pushing against it, then pulling it away; or pushing it hard against me and telling me I’d better not come, until I flinched away from it keep myself from doing so. By the time he was fucking me from behind, I was ready to explode, and I did, my ass clenching around the larger buttplug and sending accompanying quivers down my legs and into my belly.

So, not exactly the “after” I had envisioned, but a pretty damn good one, for all of that.


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  1. Modesty Ablaze

    Goodness . . . for me your “after” was very, VERY, arousing to read !!!
    And I like your term “funishment” made me giggle . . . before the tingling as I read on.
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. May More

    Your “after” sounds very hot Jade – I know my post would not have put you in that mood lol – but as you say WW is great because it does produce such great varied writing x


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