One last day in the sun.

I just realized I never did get around to posting about our last day on vacation. We had bookended the cruise with a day before and after in Ft. Lauderdale. The first night, although it turned out fine, was a bit of a bust – ratty hotel in a kind-of run-down industrial area; us with no real idea of where we were or where we should go; my new walking shoes wearing a hole in my heel. But against all odds we pulled a good night out of what could have been a real disappointment, probably because the two of us are (thank goodness) similar travelers: we seldom let minor setbacks or snafus ruin our mood. This day, while similar in that we had no solid plan when we got in to port, and didn’t know what the hotel would be like (except that the previous experience booking the first hotel gave me at least some notion that we’d be in a better area) couldn’t have been more different in terms of what we did, where we went, what we saw. Maybe we were just a hell of a lot more relaxed, I don’t know.

We did another marathon walk (around 7 miles?) to the beach and to the Hollywood Boardwalk, stopping at a little taco stand and ending up at the best place (for GIGANTIC) ice cream sundaes I’ve ever seen.

They were worth every calorie.


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