Another Island, in Pictures

Grand Cayman

There were six ships in port the day we spent in Grand Cayman, but it didn’t feel crowded or hectic to me as Cozumel did (we’d visit Cozumel the next day.) It’s a lovely little island, but, because of its position as a British territory, it is vastly different than Jamaica or the islands off Mexico. More like “home” – whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know.

We had scheduled a horseback riding excursion with a woman that had lived on the island her entire life, raising and riding horses for most of it. As usual, click thru for commentary if you’re interested.

And these last two images I had to post together. Adam and his horse were particularly well-suited. Both big-boned, sweet-natured, slow and steady, and always with an eye out for a snack or a nap.



  1. elliott

    Oh, Jade, I love the shot of you two on horseback at the top, such wonder smiles too. Of course I clicked thru. Wow, on horses in the ocean, what an experience to have. Thanks for the pics. Missed seeing Lady Jadeiva though.

    1. Jade Post author

      Ha, yeah, naked bareback would have been a sight! Also I am imagining horse hairs up where they shouldn’t be! lol


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