A Sea Day

I don’t have a lot of pictures today…or maybe any…? No wait, there are a few. Fun ones, silly ones, not pretty scenery or anything, because we’ve spent the day at sea. Though to me, the sea, simple, unending, impossibly blue, stretching as far as the eye can see without a cloud or spit of land in sight, is as beautiful as any scenery anywhere. But no, I won’t bore ya’ll with a dozen images of blue Caribbean water.

We started the day by spending an hour or so in the firness center. I would never have thought that I’d be someone that would spend a MINUTE of vacation in a gym, but…hell, it’s at the top of the ship, looking out over the sea… Also, in a week of 24/7 couplehood – as much as I enjoy time with Adam – I needed an hour or so in my own head (or in this case, out of it, listening to an audiobook.) I also participated in a lovely stretching class before the rest of our day, which consisted of…

  • An art auction (a silly thing they do on every cruise, but one I’ve never seen, so I thought what-the-hell)
  • Watching a movie in our cabin with the ocean breeze wafting through
  • A paddling with my redwood panel following by a lil vacation fucking
  • A couples massage

Tonight we dressed up and went to dinner in formal dress, and then we traded our dress-up clothes for jammies, so we could come up on the pool deck and watch Mission Impossible: Fallout on a giant movie screen under the stars.

Life is lovely.

Damn it, I can’t get images to upload/download, so that will have to wait til tomorrow.


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