Oh my I have a lot of words.

But not much time to write them. No seriously, I may be lolly-gagging here at sea aboard the Regal Princess, cruising the Caribbean, but it seems like I never have time for sitting here writing stuff. And before the cruise there are lots of fun things that I noted in quickie lil notes to myself here, but that never made it to the “post” stage, because…lots of reasons. Non-motivation. Illness. Busyness. Tiredness. Ennui. Crabbiness. Working/packing/unpacking/coughing/sleeping…

And now I am here. It’s lovely. Days and days to just be taken care of. To have everything I need made possible. To have the sun and the sea here, every day, no ice and snow. And time with Adam to just be us.

So I’m not actually going to say much. Just gonna post some pictures of Day 1 and Day 2. We’ll see about coming days, maybe that’s what I’ll do; maybe I will be inspired to write more or revisit days past. For now, here’s how I’ve spent the beginning of our vacation…



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